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Working on a construction site can be dangerous. Though the construction industry is not for the faint-hearted, you still have rights as a construction worker. 

Your employer is required to provide proper training and protective equipment that will prevent a serious accident. In addition to safety equipment, your employer should also carry out a safety assessment and mitigate hazards onsite.  

Horrific injuries occur while operating heavy machinery every year. A backhoe loader is one such vehicle. If you have sustained a backhoe loader accident, then you should speak with one of our lawyers.

Backhoe loaders: common causes of accidents

Backhoes are used for a variety of jobs, and must be operated with great skill. The slightest operator error can put people in danger.

The use of backhoes is considered a high-risk activity, which means that special care must be taken when operating one. Your employer is responsible for the safety of workers on site. Only qualified and properly trained operators can use backhoes. Failure to do so can lead to an accident that involves serious injuries.

Some of the most common causes of backhoe loader accidents include:

  • Driving too fast or making a sharp turn
  • Operating a vehicle without face shields
  • Starting the backhoe loader while others are nearby
  • Hitting or running over an obstruction
  • Using the backhoe to move a load that is not correctly secured with ropes, chains, or cables
  • Climbing onto the backhoe too fast
  • Failure to keep a safe distance from others


Any of the above actions can lead to serious injuries. They are more likely to happen when the employer does not take the necessary steps to protect the safety of workers on site.

Injuries that may result from backhoe loader accidents

Here are some of the most common injuries sustained in backhoe loader accidents:

  • Head and neck injury
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Fractured limbs
  • Facial injuries
  • Lacerations


If you are in a minor backhoe ladder incident, you will need to be taken to the hospital and treated for your cuts and bruises. But this is still an accident on the job, and should be treated as such. There will be medical expenses to pay and lost wages to recover. You will need to take steps to get rightful compensation.

In the event that you are seriously injured, you may be transported to the nearest hospital. Once there, you may need a series of extensive and intrusive medical procedures to save your life. In this instance, you will need to meet a host of medical expenses. A personal injury lawyer can help you lodge a claim for compensation.

Holding people accountable

Your first priority after a backhoe loader incident is to heal and get well. The first people you will want to see are your loved ones, not a personal injury lawyer. However, as you regain your health and strength, you will need to seek legal advice to help you deal with the costs of your work related injuries. 

Bringing in a lawyer is the only way to build a case against the people who caused your suffering. The negligence and carelessness of your employer infringed your well being, and you should hold them accountable. 

Do not accept any offers from your employer or their insurance company without first consulting with a lawyer. If you are badly injured, the other side may offer you a low settlement in order to combat a larger claim. The best response to any such offer is to direct them to your lawyer. You should allow your legal team to negotiate and communicate on your behalf.

How a lawyer can help

Occupational safety is an important element in construction, but not every construction company plays by the rules. If you have sustained injuries in a backhoe loader incident caused by bosses who preferred to take short cuts, a lawyer can help you get fair compensation.

To get the compensation you deserve, your lawyer must prove that you were injured in a backhoe loader accident. Additionally, they must be able to prove the negligence of your employer. Your legal team will bring in forensic experts who will show how the incident occurred and how you were injured. Your lawyer will also speak to your physicians to better understand the nature and extent of your injuries and their long-term effects on your health.

Workers who are injured on the job should not suffer alone. Your family will also feel the effects of your physical and mental trauma. The impact of the incident on your family will also be part of the case.

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