Neck injury compensation payouts

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We are here to help you with any neck injury compensation claims that you need to make after suffering injuries from an accident. Whether it’s a workers compensation neck injury settlement you want to look into, or any other cause, for that matter; we’re here to help you get the best neck injury compensation payout.

We help people injured in many types of accidents that have caused neck injuries, lodge claims for personal injury compensation that get them the financial restitution they need to recover. We do it with a No Win No Fee Guarantee.

To find out a neck injury claim value, including broken neck compensation claims values, use our neck injury compensation calculator or you’re welcome to contact us at any time.

Neck injury compensation payouts

Have you been in a car crash, had a workplace injury or are looking for the amount of broken neck compensation that you can rightfully claim?  Find out with our industry leading neck injury compensation calculator

You may have injured your neck from any number of accidental slips, trips or falls. Some of the most common causes of injuries include:

  • Workplace accidents, which would allow you to lodge a claim for workers compensation benefits
  • Motor vehicle accidents, where the soft tissues around the fragile neck area can be so easily injured through whiplash and other jolts
  • Sporting accidents, with some of the more serious cases leading to spinal cord injury
  • Medical negligence, whether through an allied health worker causing the injury or medical treatment gone wrong.

We’ve developed an industry leading neck injury settlement calculator to help you on your way to starting a compensation claim. We understand that sustaining a neck injury isn’t just painful. At times it can be an excruciating injury. It can limit you from getting around, dealing with everyday routine tasks such as driving, walking and working can become near impossible. The neck injury claim calculator is simple, quick and easy to use.

Most or our clients who are seeking a neck injury compensation payout have a common question: “When it comes to a personal injury claim, how much for neck injury compensation can I expect?” If you’ve been injured or are dealing with a workers compensation insurer, this is a valid question. You may even have long-term medical care costs, loss of wages and generally, damages that you want to be compensated for considering the ongoing pain and suffering that you are going through.

The answer of how much  a neck injury claim is valued depends on the severity of the injury and the length of time required to recover will hugely vary. A minor neck trauma may only cause you some pain and discomfort for a few weeks as it completely heals. This is reflected in the neck injury compensation payout dollar value. While clearly more serious damage to the neck can cause long-term damages, and in some cases, permanent disability. This is why a broken neck compensation settlement will always tend to be much higher.

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Neck trauma and broken neck compensation time limits

If you have suffered any type of neck wound due to an accident, which was somebody else’s fault, you may have a legal right to lodge a compensation claim, for the pain and suffering caused. Use our  Neck Injury Claim Calculator to begin the claims process. However, be aware that there are time limits that will apply. If you have been involved in an accident within the past three years and have sustained damage to your neck, call one of our personal injury lawyers today, to find out if you are eligible for compensation.  We will provide you with a free neck injury claims assessment. This the perfect opportunity to discuss the details of your accident with one of our experienced injury lawyers.

The most common causes of neck injuries

There are many activities and accidents that can lead to neck trauma. Some accidents will be due to your negligence or misfortune, others will be caused in part to someone else’s actions. In this case, you may be entitled to pursue a compensation claim. The most common causes of neck injuries include the following:

Road Traffic Accidents

A significant source of neck injury claims come from road traffic accidents and motor vehicle accidents, with the most common type of injury being whiplash. Even a low-speed collision can cause a person’s head to jerk back and forth in a sudden jerking motion. The result causes the hyperextension of the muscles and ligaments in the neck; in more serious accidents, this can result in fractured or broken bones.

Criminal Injuries and Attacks

Neck injuries can result from attack resulting from a sudden and unexpected blow to the head. These incidents can cause particularly severe types of head and neck injuries resulting from punches, weapons, as well as any fall where you hit your head on the ground.

Workplace Accidents

Lastly, neck injuries are surprisingly common in the  workplace and can come from any activity from slipping on a wet floor, tripping on wires to falling objects. Our specialist team are experienced in dealing with  workers comp settlements for neck injuries.  

A workers compensation neck injury settlement will assist you, particularly if you have suffered from a loss of income caused by the extra level of stress over and above the injury. The injury may also leave you experiencing a negative impact on your everyday life that you should be compensated for.

Other than a sudden traumatic event, neck injuries result from repetitive work tasks, where adequate training wasn’t provided, or simply the adoption of unsafe work practices. In any scenario, consider pursuing a neck injury at work compensation claim with the help of our specialist team.

How to start your claim

Feel free to use our injury calculator or  call us direct on 1800 958 498 for a free, no-obligation consultation. One of our injury lawyers will assess the details of your case to ascertain the strength of your claim.

During the initial assessment, you will be asked a few questions about the accident and the injuries you have sustained. Our specialist will use this data to assess your eligibility further to make an injury claim and the likely outcome.

This meeting is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions about your potential claim as well as finding out exactly what we need from you to start your compensation claim.

How much compensation did other people get awarded for their neck injuries?

To help you understand more how much other people were awarded for their compensation claims, (who may have similar injuries to you) we pulled together some helpful, real life personal injury payout examples..

These include compensation for injury at work as well as car accident injuries, workplace injury and slips, trips and falls. You may have suffered an injury that means that you can’t return to work. We assess the type of injury that you have suffered and will look at current medical reports, the costs of your future medical treatment, along with important factors such as whether you are left with a total and permanent disability.

Frequently asked questions about neck injury compensation claims

This depends on your individual situation.

In Queensland, you are generally entitled to make a claim unless you are entirely at fault for your accident.

If another party is at fault or partly responsible for the incident, you may be eligible to make a claim for at least some of the costs related to your injuries.

If you are unsure if you are eligible or have questions, just chat, call or email us. We’re happy to help.

There are strict time limits that apply to making a claim for personal injury.

This is why we recommend seeking professional legal advice as soon as possible after an incident.

To make a claim for a neck injury, you may be required to provide proof that the incident was caused by or contributed to by another party.

You will likely need to visit a medical professional and receive documentation of your injuries for your case.

As required by Queensland law, you should report any accident that causes injury to the police

Sometimes completing these steps can be stressful, or just difficult to find the time, so that’s why we are here.

As personal injury specialist who can help you with the required paperwork, keep track of the time limitations, and advise you on how to proceed through the claims process. Chat, call or email, we’ll be glad to put your mind at rest and give you any information we can.

This depends on the circumstances of your case which we’ll be more than happy to help you clarify. Costs might include lodging forms or obtaining medical records.

If your case is successful and you receive compensation, you will be required to pay your legal professional for their services, though legislation is in place to ensure you don’t lose your entire compensation payout to legal fees.

Find out more about how legal fees for no win no fee cases are determined.

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In most cases, the CTP insurer of the party or parties at fault will pay out the compensation.

Your neck injury claim could possibly cover some, or even all, of your injuries and losses. It could cover things including:


  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • At-home nursing


It is important to keep in mind every neck injury compensation claim is different. A personal injury expert will be able to determine what you can claim for once you have discussed your individual circumstances.

Whether you’ve sustained a neck injury in a car accident or a workplace incident, we can determine whether you are eligible to claim compensation.

We fight for the best results, supporting you through the entire process and communicating in plain English.

Call us, email, live chat online or on your mobile or fill out a free instant claim assessment form to take the first step towards compensation.

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