Broken or bruised ribs injury claim

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Ribs work as security guards, protecting and enclosing vital internal organs. When this defence is compromised, we run the risk of life-threatening injuries.  

Have you fallen victim to bruised and broken ribs after a car accident through no fault of your own? Do you have rib injuries after a workplace accident or from a fall in a public place? 

We’re here to assist you explore if you can make a rib injury compensation claim. Settlement amounts can vary so talk to our seasoned lawyers who can assist you with your broken and bruised ribs compensation claim.

Typical causes of rib pain & suffering

Here are two typical causes of rib pain and suffering:

  • Blunt force is the most frequent contender, meaning a direct hit to the chest. This includes a range of situations that could see you eligible to lodge a compensation claim. This includes accidents at work, assaults, car accidents and sports-related damages.
  • Soft tissue injuries are general damages to the tissue rather than the bone. This includes skin and muscle bruising and sprains. This commonly occurs during any activity that requires twisting of the body and vigorous arm movement. 

If you have encountered any rib pain and suffering due to the negligence of others, our personal injury solicitors with years of experience can help. Our no win no fee guarantee means we care about the results.

How do I know if I have bruised or broken ribs?

A fractured rib and bruising have a similar set of symptoms and even similar ways of healing. 

Ribs are made up of thin bones and can’t be set in a cast unlike their counterparts. They are usually left to heal with time and care. The cause of these damages ranges from slips, trips and falls to road traffic accidents.  

There are many common symptoms of rib injuries, with general pain as the most obvious during movement and deep breathing. You might even experience abnormal noises when the area is touched. Other symptoms include rib cage muscle spasms, unusual appearance, bruising and in some cases there is a rib injury with no bruising.

Compensation for broken ribs after a car accident

Broken ribs and car accidents usually go hand-in-hand. The impact of a collision can result in both a blunt force trauma and a soft tissue injury if the victim is thrown against the steering wheel or dashboard. In some cases even the pressure of the seatbelt can result in a ribcage injury.

A fractured rib is extremely painful and continues to cause discomfort with every breath. There are 12 pairs of ribs, each containing an important role in your body. You can think of it as bars on a cage. If those bars are broken, the cage is no longer useful. If you have broken ribs, it can hinder your everyday activities and potentially harm blood vessels and internal organs. 

Insurance companies are known to underestimate the financial impact of rib injury cases. They could argue that medical treatment is limited for broken and bruised ribs, which undervalues the claim. We know that life isn’t that simple and are here to help. 

The average settlement for car accident broken ribs is difficult to generalise as there are a number of variables to consider. This includes who is at fault and the severity of your physical and emotional damage.

For a rough estimate, use our free compensation calculator or call, chat or email one of our knowledgeable personal injury solicitors about your car accident broken ribs settlement.

Why claim for broken & bruised ribs compensation?

Personal injury claims can seem like an inconvenience and the pain you’re experiencing is even more inconvenient. For many, they are unable to work at this time. This could have a serious financial impact on them and their family. If you are eligible to lodge a rib injury compensation claim, we are here to help you achieve some support in a difficult time.

Many people suffering from a rib injury can lose time at work. If you have broken or bruised ribs, it can take anywhere from up to 3 to 6 weeks to heal. It is recommended that during the recovery time, you mostly rest with some low-impact activity. This can be a real challenge for those living busy lives which is the norm in the current world we live in.  

Here are a few activities you shouldn’t do with broken or bruised ribs:

  • Work that requires physical exertion. 
  • Lifting anything over 4kgs which is the size of a common household cat.
  • Sports and exercise, especially activities like golf, tennis or contact sports.

The list is small but the impact of stopping these activities can be huge to your normal routine, affecting your overall quality of life. This disruption is a reason for you to contact our experienced teams to assess your rib injury compensation claim. 

Our approachable personal injury lawyers are the injury experts who understand that claims can be a daunting process. This is where you can use our years of knowledge to process your potential compensation claim from beginning to end.

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