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If you have experienced a personal injury, Brisbane and Gold Coast expert compensation lawyers are here to help answer your questions. Gerard Murphy and Greg Lauritsen-Damm are our Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists.

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Strict time limits apply to most claims. Any delay can hinder your ability to receive compensation. Find out everything you need to know by contacting the best personal injury lawyers in Queensland. That’s us! We have personal injury compensation lawyers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast who will be happy to answer your questions.

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What sort of compensation could I receive?

Amounts vary widely depending on your situation and injury. These Gold Coast & Brisbane personal injury claim payout examples were achieved for some of our clients.

We’ve delved in to our motor vehicle and car accident lawyers files, as well as our work injury compensation payout examples to show how much others received for their car accident injuries, Whiplash injuries, work injuries and more.

Susan $376,000 – motor vehicle accident

Jeff $440,000 – motor vehicle accident

Stephen $1,000,000 – workplace injury

Geoff $910,000 – motorbike accident

Angela $295,000 – whiplash injury

These case studies can help you work out what work injury compensation payout you may receive, our you’re welcome to call us to discuss your claim.

Every claim is unique, so call us to discuss your specific injury claim and what it might be worth to you. No cost, no obligation and absolutely no problem. Your call will be welcome.

Will I have to go to court?

No. You can agree to settle your claim at any time.

From the more common motor vehicle accidents, neck injuries such as whiplash compensation claims, WorkCover and workplace injuries, to Brain injuries, back and Spinal injuries as well as Motorbike accidents and many other public liability claims. We can help.

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane personal injury lawyers and staff have been helping clients like you with specific injury claims for nearly forty years. Get access to Queensland compensation lawyers with a deep understanding  and experience of helping people make claims.

Read more below on our most common services;

Motor vehicle and car accidents can happen so fast and with such an impact that they can change your life in an instant. Even minor Motor Vehicle accidents can cause injuries that result in a payment of compensation. In Queensland strict time limits apply, so please act quickly. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or anywhere else in Queensland, VIC or NSW then you need to check the status of your possible claim with one of our car accident lawyers immediately. You will speak directly with an experienced lawyer and personal injury motor vehicle and car accident compensation trained expert, who will help you work through your situation. Our car accident injury lawyers can also help with your smash repairs claim to repair your vehicle. Strict time limits apply and a delay could cost you the right to bring a claim in the future.
WorkCover & workplace accidents are incredibly common and employers have a duty of care to protect you. If you have had a work injury in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or anywhere in Queensland, VIC or NSW then you should file a workers compensation claim to get the medical and rehabilitation treatment you need to recover. Don’t get muddled in the paperwork of workplace accident red tape. Talk to us. If you need help with personal injury law, Gold Coast and Brisbane specialists will help get you the compensation you’ll need as a result of your injury. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new employee or someone who’s been on the payroll for years. Whether you’ve been injured in the mines, a kitchen or a construction site, we’ll help you get what you’ll need for your future. Contact us today to speak with a specialist injured at work lawyer who will provide experience in QLD, VIC and NSW personal compensation legislation for you.

It’s not just the elderly who have slip and trip accidents, anyone can land hard, with younger people just as susceptible to serious trips and slips.

Have you fallen in a shopping centre, tripped in a schoolyard or slipped in a private residence? If someone’s carelessness caused you to sustain an injury in a public or private place, you might be entitled to make a public liability claim for compensation.

When you need the best personal injury lawyers, Gold Coast and Brisbane specialists are here and qualified in slip, trip and fall accidents. We have the expertise to assess your public liability claim case and advise you on its validity.

It can really hurt to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that pain can last for years. We can help with almost any injury you’ve suffered, from back, birth and brain injuries to silicosis, smash repair, dog attack claims and many more.

Whatever the circumstances of your accident and wherever you’re located in Queensland, VIC or NSW, our specialist personal injury lawyers can review your case and advise you on the feasibility of seeking compensation.

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