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Knee Injury Compensation Claims In Brisbane, The Gold Coast, QLD

We are here to help you through the process of a knee injury compensation claim, and since knee injury compensation awards vary depending on the severity of injury, talk one of our team anytime who can advise you on your potential knee injury claim value.

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Knee injury compensation claims are common, but are incredibly debilitating as it affects your mobility. Take a 30 second compensation check or use our Knee Injury calculator to get a basic idea if you can claim, and roughly how much you could receive.

Understanding Knee Injury Compensation Claims

The knee is the body’s most complex and largest joint. As such, knee injuries can be excruciatingly painful as well as severely debilitating. If you’ve suffered an accident that results in a knee injury, it may be possible to make a knee compensation claim.

Since knee injuries can result from a variety of incidents, it’s essential that your personal injury lawyer can identify the injury caused. In addition, our Personal Injury Lawyer specialists need to establish the impact that the damage has had or will have on your life to help secure you the highest level of compensation possible.

Some of the consideration to discuss include:

  • Was your injury from a car accident?  
  • As an injured person, are you unable to work from your pain and suffering? 
  • Did it occur as a direct result from an injury at work? 
  • What medical bills and other allied health and medical expenses are you facing for your healing and rehabilitation? 


If you need trusted legal advice, The Personal Injury Lawyers have specialists located in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast to assist you – with a no win no fee guarantee. We’ll work with you to establish your general damages claim.  

What Type Of Knee Injury Can We Help You With?

Due to the complexity of the knee joint, it is susceptible to a wide variety of injury types as several parts of the joint can be simultaneously damaged in an accident. Some of the most common types of knee injury that our personal injury lawyers come across include:

Knee Caps

What commonly referred to as the “kneecap” is officially referred to by its medical term as the “patella”. Some injuries can impact on the knee cap, as well as impact on other surrounding bones also. This can include the tibia and fibula (shinbone and lower leg bone), the femur which is the bone above the knee. These injuries can be incredibly painful, as well as having a significant impact on your mobility and ability to function normally in your everyday life.


Bursitis is a type of knee injury that is most common in work-related accidents, essentially there is a build-up of excess fluid on or around the knee, causing pain and a level of debilitation to the victim. This injury will require anti-inflammatory treatment and painkillers.

Tradies commonly get this due to the repetitive use of the knee joint, most commonly in trades such as plumbing, carpentry and cleaning can cause wear and tear to the joint. Other jobs that are at a higher risk of bursitis include sports professionally, carpet layers, bricklayers, child care workers and construction workers – basically any type of that involves someone regularly bending down, putting pressure on the knees.

Knee Cartilage

The cartilage of the knee medically referred to as the meniscus is susceptible to injuries. All cartilage is the strong, stiff tissue that is located throughout the body in areas where different bones connect. Cartilage allows the body to move, joints and bone move freely without any (otherwise) painful friction. A cartilage injury can make movement painful and uncomfortable.

Knee Ligament Injuries

The human knee has four ligaments, which is made up of two cruciate ligaments in the centre of the joint and two (other) collateral ligaments either side of the knee. Many injuries to the knee ligaments are due to people merely slipping and/ or falling; this results in tears or ruptures of the ligament. In that case that the knee ligaments are ruptured, then surgery will be necessary, which generally results in extensive pain, so several months of rehabilitation is required to recover the manoeuvrability and function of the joint fully.

Muscle Injuries

Some types of injuries to the knees can occur when the muscles of the joint are accidentally damaged. The knee muscles are responsible for allowing movement, strength and function within the leg, so when muscles are damaged

  • such as the quadriceps, which are found at the front of the leg, or the
  • hamstrings which are located at the back of the upper portion


Muscle injuries cause significant restrictions to someone’s ability to function normally and go about their daily life.

The Impact Of A Knee Injury

The impact on a person’s life after sustaining a knee injury, coupled with the likelihood of experiencing excruciating pain and discomfort, means that daily life will be disrupted to some large extent.

Some of the most common disruptions and impacts that we see as a result of knee injuries include:

  • The need to take time off from work – resulting in consequences to your career and your income
  • Potentially, you may need to leave work completely
  • Ongoing treatment such as physiotherapy and pain management may be required
  • Restrictions on your ability to take part in hobbies or sports
  • Severe restrictions in mobility through inability to put weight on the joint, bend the joint as before and because of the pain.
  • The resulting pain and functionality issues might restrict your ability to take care of your children
  • The pain and discomfort might affect your ability to sleep comfortably, which, in turn, will inhibit your pain management abilities the following day.
  • You may be required to take medicine, including pain relief and anti-inflammatories for a prolonged period.


Our personal injury solicitors are able to assist you no matter if you suffered a minor meniscus tear from a car accident to the types of knee injuries that will take many years to recover from. 

How Much Compensation For A Knee Injury At Work?

As many people have found after suffering an accident at work, your finances can quickly end up in the red. You will need to claim compensation as the cost of rehabilitation, potential financial loss and more can quickly add up.

For anyone dependent on a regular income, that makes seeking compensation for a personal injury with the assistance of an experienced work accident lawyer, essential.

Our personal injury solicitors understand the rules in Queensland to ensure the best outcome for our clients when it comes to workers comp knee injury settlements.

Your eligibility will depend on the circumstances. For your injury at work claim to be considered legitimate, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Your knee injury is work-related and happened at or travelling to or from work
  • Your employer has workers compensation insurance (in Australia, nearly all employers are legally required to have policies with insurance companies)
  • You are an employee of the organisation you intend to make a claim against (or were an employee at the time your knee was injured)

We will be able to advise you on the average payout for knee injury at work and assist you get the largest of amount of compensation possible to assist you and get you on the road to recovery.

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