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Gerard Murphy | Director

Gerard Murphy is one of our Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists. He was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in December 1985.

Since then has worked both internationally and in Queensland for many years. Earlier in his career, Gerard represented major insurance companies such as Zurich, QBE and Prudential in the defense of accident claims.


Ranald McCowan
| Director

Originally starting McCowans Specialist Lawyers in 1983, Ranald and partners have grown the TPIL & Accident Law business into one of Queensland’s most successful and respected specialist litigation law firms today. Many of the staff have been a big part of the evolution of the firm, with many here for ten years or more, and also choosing to return to the firm after starting a family. A great environment for staff has led to a great experience and over three decades of knowledge, insights and legal experience for the benefit of our clients.

With his direction, TPIL and now Accident Law has consistently been rated by defendant insurers and their lawyers as one of the toughest and best plaintiff compensation law firms to deal with. Ranald’s ethos, that the firm must never settle any claim for less than it is worth, and that we don’t generate income unless your claim does, has been one of the core driving principles of the practice.

Karen Gibbs | New Client Manager

Working in the legal industry for over 40 years, Karen is our ‘New Client Manager’ and an absolute organisation powerhouse for both TPIL and Accident Law.

Karen plays an integral role to ensure you feel at home with us, and ensuring that your claim is processed smoothly with the support of other staff.

Greg Lauritsen-Damm
| Senior Lawyer

(L.L.B, BComm, GradDip LP Accredited Specialist - Personal. litigation– QLD)

Another staff member who is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist, Greg has been a partner in previous law firms before joining us. With many years of extensive experience, Greg knows exactly how to help you, and help you achieve a successful claim.

A family man who loves the outdoors, you’ll be his best friend if you love Rugby Union.


Prudence Prescott
| Senior Lawyer

(LL.B., B.A., GradDip LP)

With us for over 12 years, Prue has dealt with some of our most complex, challenging and unusual compensation claims, many of our which require detailed research and analysis.

Having also studied Linguistics at University, and being an excellent writer in her spare time, (as well as also writing articles for our web sites), Prue’s passion lies in the research, writing and gathering of information, and using that to effect positive change and help client’s lives for the better.

Tim Cooper | Senior Lawyer

(LL.B., B.Bus.)

With us for over 8 years, Tim has over a decade of knowledge and first-hand experience specialising in all areas including Work litigation, and public liability litigation claims. He has been recognised as one of Queensland’s leading Plaintiff Public Liability Lawyers, by the State’s Defendant insurance lawyers, for his expertise and ability in the area.

Tim is an excellent communicator, and has successfully proven time and time again his skill of securing the maximum possible compensation for clients. Outside of work Tim is a dedicated family man and enjoys going to the gym and playing/supporting tennis, golf, AFL and soccer.

Vaughan Jackson
| Lawyer (Associate)

(LL.B., B.Bus.)

Vaughan started his career as a Lawyer nearly two decades ago in Brisbane. He has acted for insurance companies, as well as for those affected in motor vehicle and work incident litigation. This brings a unique perspective to your claims process. He therefore has an excellent insight into the approach and thought patterns adopted by the insurers when managing claims.

This makes Vaughan one of the most valuable members of our TPIL and Accident Law staff. When he is not managing his busy workload, you’ll find Vaughan running, doing the odd triathlon, or swimming.

Erin McLeod | Lawyer

(LL.B GradDip LP)

Working with us for well over a decade, Erin has only ever worked in compensation claims. She is one of our fastest rising and brightest stars in the TPIL/Accident Law staff lineup.

Erin’s busy caseload of claims is balanced outside of work by her three dogs which keep her equally busy.

Angela Symons | Lawyer

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B, GradDipLP)

With our firm for almost ten years, Angela has extensive knowledge in Motor Vehicle litigationWork place litigation and Public Liability litigation claims.

She also has experience with the more complex negligence claims.

Dan Sutherland | Lawyer

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B, GradDipLP)
Dan has been a Principal Lawyer at WorkCover Queensland as well as a Defence Lawyer for a Queensland CTP Insurer.

Dan has won several awards as a leading lawyer from the Doyles guide and comes with 15 years of law experience.

Sebastien Murphy
| Lawyer

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B, GradDipLP)

Sebastien holds a Bachelor of Laws from Griffith University and was admitted into the legal profession in 2019 making him our newest recruit.

He already has excellent experience and many years of researching our Motor Vehicle Litigation and Workers Compensation claims

Allison Millson | Law Clerk

Another long term staff member with tons of experience, Allison has been with us for over two decades. She is known to go ‘to the ends of the earth’ to research for your claims. Allison’s primary focus is on motor vehicle litigation claims and there is not much she has not won claims for.

Allison keeps her busy work day balanced with her other busy life as a mother to two young girls.

Carrisa Myers | Law Clerk

Carrisa has over 10 years of legal experience and has been employed with the firm since 2013. She has experience working in all areas of litigation law, including Work place Litigation compensation, public liability and in particular, motor vehicle litigation.

It’s not just car and motor vehicle claims, she can help should you need assistance with motorbike or truck compensation claims too. You’ll also find her assisting with the development of our procedures and precedents, vital tools that help us speed up your claim.

In her spare time, Carrisa spends her weekends at the beach and enjoys camping and yoga.

Debbie Pollard | Practice Manager

Debbie is our Practice Manager and the firm’s second ever to be employed over three decades ago. There is not much Debbie has not been involved in or experienced. Her knowledge in business management of compensation litigation claims has ensured customers keep coming back.

Managing a no win no fee practice has its challenges, so Debbie has worked especially hard to ensure processes are in place so that customers get both excellent service and the most for their claims.

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