Compensation for a compression fracture

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Compression fractures are a type of fracture that damages vertebrae making up the spine. They can occur due to bone loss or osteoporosis, but often they are the result of injuries or trauma. The long term effects of a spinal compression fracture can be debilitating and diminish your quality of life.

If you’ve suffered a compression fracture to your spine as a result of someone else’s negligence then you may be able to claim compensation for your pain and suffering.

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How much compensation will I get for a compression fracture?

If you seek compensation, our compensation calculator gives a basic indication how much compensation you may be able to claim. 


Common causes of vertebral compression fractures

A vertebral compression fracture occurs when one or multiple bones in the spine weaken and crumple. The cause of the fracture usually stems from excessive compression, which can happen from a fall or trauma from a crash. Most compression fractures in the spine are the result of motor vehicle accidents. Spinal compression fractures from falls occur primarily among the older population as their bones are more brittle than younger people.

Compression fractures of the spine have a huge range in severity. Your spine supports your weight, allows you to move, and protects your spinal cord and the nerves that go from it to the rest of your body. Compression fractures can cause the vertebrae to collapse, making them shorter in height. This collapse can also cause pieces of bone to press on the spinal cord and nerves, decreasing the amount of blood and oxygen that gets to the spinal cord.

Vertebral compression fractures may not cause any noticeable issues when they first start developing, particularly in the thoracic (mid-back) area. Cervical (upper) and lumbar (lower) compression fractures are usually much more painful as the back is structured with bending points at the top and bottom. Typical symptoms of compression fractures include:

  • slowly worsening back pain
  • decrease in your height
  • limited movement in your spine
  • stooped-over posture
  • numbness or tingling
  • weak muscles

If the fracture happens rapidly, you may also feel sudden, severe, disabling back pain. Most compression fractures will heal on their own, but the more serious and problematic injuries will likely require surgery. The victim will also have a permanent impairment that they will live with for the rest of their life. The fracture can lead to chronic pain, lack of muscle fitness due to lack of activity, decreased mobility and independence, and psychological issues.

If you have suffered any type of compression fracture to your spine through no fault of your own then The Personal Injuries Lawyers are here to assist with your compensation claim. Our no win no fee guarantee means you will get expert legal guidance without the stress.

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What is the average settlement for compression fractures?

The total payout you could expect to receive for a spinal compression fracture settlement depends on how much the injury has impacted your quality of life. It will be influenced by factors including your age, your overall health, the extent of the fracture, and the complexity of your recovery. Injuries affect everyone in different ways which means the possible compensation also varies case by case. An injury which seems minor to one person may impact on another to a much greater extent which will be reflected in their claim.

The pain and discomfort of any vertebral compression fracture can affect your ability to work and go about your daily routine. You will likely need some time off work to recover and you can claim compensation for this lost income. If your injury prevents you from performing the same duties you did prior to the accident then you may also be able to claim for that loss of future earning capacity. The court will also take into consideration what medical care you’ll need for your recovery and how much it is likely to cost. A compression fracture to your spine may affect your life outside work which is also a valid reason to claim compensation.

If your spinal compression fracture happened at work then you may be able to claim workers compensation for your injuries. You would need to prove that your injuries occurred during the course of your regular work duties and were the result of your employer’s negligence. If you believe this is your situation then you should have a personal injury lawyer review your claim to help you to achieve a workers comp settlement for a compression fracture.
Use our free compensation calculator or call, chat or email one of our experienced personal injury lawyers about seeking compensation for a compression fracture. Once you know more about the circumstances of your spinal injury, we can give you a detailed estimate for the compression fracture settlement amount. We will guide you through every step of the claims process so you can focus on your recovery.

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