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Workers have rights. Among them is the right to be safe in the workplace. As a construction worker, it is essential that your employer provide the right training and personal protective equipment. 

Have you recently suffered a bulldozer accident due to inadequate training? Then you should hold your employer accountable and lodge a claim for financial support during this difficult time. 

Your first step is to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer. The Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience in this area of law and our lawyers do it with a no win no fee guarantee!

Causes of bulldozer accidents

Here are some of the common causes of bulldozer accidents:

1. Defective equipment

A bulldozer is a complicated piece of machinery. In order for it to work safely, every wire, clog, and shaft must operate as designed. A fault in any of these things can lead to an accident that causes severe injuries. Such a fault may occur due to irregular maintenance or safety checks. As the injured party, you have the right to sue the manufacturer as well as your immediate employer if their action or inaction led to the accident.

2. Negligence

Even the most experienced bulldozer operators have been known to cause accidents that lead to personal injury. Bulldozer accidents can result from operators who fail to ensure that the path is clear before they put the machine into motion. A construction site is a noisy and difficult place to work. That is why bulldozer operators must be alert to passing foot traffic. If they fail to do so, they can cause serious injuries.

3. Unqualified operators

It takes time and money to train workers to use heavy machinery. Some employers believe they can cut corners and save costs by putting untrained and unqualified people on a dangerous vehicle. Workers who are not trained to operate a bulldozer present a hazard to everyone on site. As an injured party, you can hold the company accountable for endangering your well being.

The types of injuries that may result from a bulldozer accident

Bulldozers are used to lift large piles of dirt and rubbish. They are also used to tear down structures. This means that they can cause fatal injuries if you are hit, run over, or come into contact with a bulldozer.

Here are some of the typical injuries that result from a bulldozer accident:

  • Brain and head injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Crush injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Loss of limb
  • Neck and spinal injury
  • Oral and facial trauma


It’s always worth seeking the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Even after a minor accident you will still have medical bills to pay and lost income. 

If you have suffered a more serious accident, it may take time to recover from the wounds and trauma. A claim can help you seek financial support for medical expenses, lost wages, unpaid bills, prescription drugs, physical rehabilitation, and other required medical treatment.

How a lawyer can help

To claim compensation that is fair and adequate, you must hire an experienced lawyer. Your attorney will help you file a compensation claim and assist you in the vigorous pursuit of it. The only way to get the compensation you deserve is to prove the origin, nature, and extent of your personal injury. In other words, you must produce evidence that links your employer to the accident and your injuries. 

To prove the validity of your case, your lawyer will employ their own private investigation professionals to examine the worksite and the company. They will interview others who work for the company and review any video footage of the scene of the accident. Your lawyer will also bring in experts to examine the forensics of the accident. 

Injury lawyers know how to get testimony from the physicians who have treated you. They will get the assessment of medical experts about your condition and how it will affect your long-term health and ability to work.

No one who suffers personal injury does so alone. Your family may have also been traumatised by your injuries. The effect that the accident has had on your family is part of the compensation claim you make. 

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