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I chose PI Lawyers to assist with a claim resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Angela Symons took on my case, and me! I can not thank Angela enough for her absolute professionalism, yet limitless compassion that she has shown me throughout the time she handled my case.

No phone call was ever rushed (despite some post-concussion & a few teary moments) and no request for clarification was ever a hassle. She is extremely affable, timely and committed. Angela - my sincere thanks to you, you are a great solicitor and I wish you well in your career!
You always hope to be in a position where you never need a personal injury lawyer, but if you do find yourself in that situation, the P.I. Lawyers are the legal team you need. I went through a very difficult time following my accident and I am so thankful that I had the P.I. Lawyers to support me. The administration staff are lovely and Allison Millson, who took my case, is a caring, dedicated and decent individual.

Allison fought hard for me for 2.5 years and I am very happy with the outcome. She was transparent through the whole process; each step of the way she explained what was happening and why. When the defendant became difficult, she set my mind at ease with her knowledge of the industry and calm professionalism. Overall, Allison represented me with class, and I was very proud to have her on my side of the table.

Thank you Allison for all your hard work, and thank you P.I. Lawyers for treating your clients with empathy and representing them with integrity.
Allison Millson at The Personal Injury Lawyers firm, was the X factor, always professional, persistent, accessible and supportive Allison successfully argued against low ball offers and won a settlement, on my behalf, that I believed was fair compensation for my injuries sustained.
I can't thank Dan Sutherland enough from the Personal Injury Lawyers. The whole team were always extremely helpful throughout the entire process, but I mainly dealt with Dan who has been nothing but supportive and compassionate with me from start to finish.

There were definitely times where I felt stressed and overwhelmed, but Dan always helped to put my mind at ease! He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and really took the time to listen to me and explain things thoroughly. His attention to detail is outstanding and he definitely exceeded all of my expectations. I am forever grateful to him for my outcome.

I would highly recommend Dan and the rest of his team!
Dan Sutherland and his team were very professional and went above and beyond for my claim getting a very satisfactory result. I would highly recommend Dan and his team to anyone, they were helpful and understanding throughout the whole process, with a high level of guidance through a tough period in my life. I would like to thank Dan and his team again for their hard work and dedication.
The team at Personal Injury Lawyers took my claim over from another firm who had been dealing with my claim for 2.5 years. Once they took my claim over I suddenly had a weight lifted off my shoulders and the stress was instantly removed.

They were very professional, informative and their communication exceeded all expectations. They got a great result and during the whole process I knew they actually cared. I highly recommend the team, but also on a personal note I highly recommend Tim Cooper who treated myself in a very caring and dignified manner throughout the process.
I contacted The PIL a few months after a workplace accident. I have had the best possible experience using this firm, and have felt supported and informed fully throughout the quite extensive and lengthy process. Gerard and Tim are amazing to deal with and their staff very helpful and polite every time we spoke on the phone.

Tim's experience in his role as a lawyer, and his knowledge of the personal injury space are exceptional, and he explained things to me in a very accurate and concise way, like a playbook that just went like clockwork. I couldn't say better things about this firm, and would highly recommend to anyone in need of a lawyer to fight your case the PIL are the best around. Id give more stars if it were an option.
Angela and her office provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details of my statutory claim. Angela’s attitude & support to the work she does ensures you are up to date with current information.
Angela foresees potential concerns and will give you right advise on time before you make any decisions. Would highly recommend Angela and her team.
Fantastic effort from the team .
Always there when I needed to call . Thanks Dan.
I could not thank Allison Milson from The PI Lawyers enough for her help and support throughout my claim. Highly recommended, she is full of knowledge and will do her absoloute all to get the best results.
I had no idea on what I needed to do or provide but from the get go Allison had it happening. Both yourself and Angie have been amazing!

Thanks heaps PI Team.
Thank you to the PI lawyers for helping me navigate my CTP claim, great customer service keeping me updated through the whole process with an outcome I am really happy with.
Five stars.
Angela Symons looked after my claim over the two years it took to finalise. She was incredible; due to loosing my marriage at the same time as my accident, my mental health was woeful.

She took all the worry and workload off me she explain things simply with clarity she made the two years that I had to wait for the payout tolerable.There seemed to be so much involved that I wouldn’t have been able to deal with it.

Angela made the process bearable her attention to detail was amazing she is a very competent solicitor and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone else who finds themselves in a simulate position. Thank you Angela your work over the last two years has contributed to changing my life for the better.
I would like to thank Angela and her team for helping with my settlement claim and getting the best results for me. Angela helped me every step of the way and was always contactable and efficient whenever I needed help. I can’t thank her enough.
Greg is so lovely and understanding. The whole team work hard but do not push you especially after going through a traumatic event. Highly recommended.
The support, guidance and understanding that the Personal Injury team had throughout my claim was professional with clear expectations from the first phone call.
Allison Milson was exceptional in her communication, empathy and professionalism. It is a firm I would recommend to anyone.
The staff were very professional and handled my case very well. Dan was a good listener and often times able to provide clarity within my situation.

The process was overwhelming also at times, but I am grateful for Dan since the beginning until the end for assisting me and overcoming this challenge. Thanks to Dan and team once again. I highly recommend The Personal Injury Lawyers for their hardwork and excellent service. A solid 5 stars.
The Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane were professional and responsive in guiding me through my case. They went the extra mile to ensure I was supported and informed every step of the way. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to deliver excellent results to anyone who asked.
Dan Sutherland was amazing throughout this whole process. It is a stressful period of time in mine and my partner's life at the moment and Dan made it a lot easier.
He is very understanding, thorough and take the time to explain every step along the way. I highly recommend his services and the Law firm as a whole. Very grateful for Dan's help and his time. Such a kind soul. Thank you from the both of us.
In the past week I'd been involved in an injury at work and a motor vehicle accident. There was some nuances around the incidents that I called to ask for support. When I enquired I was met with a response that gave me clarity and confidence to move forward in a way that was favourable for my own wellbeing as well as for the other parties involved.
Thanks Vaughan for your professionalism, your knowledge and willingness to provide much needed support! Yesterday I felt unsure and uncertain and today I felt heard, supported with clarity on how I can best move forward.
Tim and his amazing Team achieved unbelievable result for me. I can't thank them enough for great results and their professionalism. Yes it takes time, nerves, a lot of paperwork and dedication but in the end it totally worth it. Highly recommend Personal injury Lawyers to anyone who thinks to get legal advise and fight for their rights and entitlements after injury.
Five stars.
Firstly I'd like to say, what an absolutely pleasure it was to use this company "The Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane" ... I firstly had Prudence (until she went on maternity leave) then I had Angela.

Both these ladies are extremely knowledgeable, very caring, compassionate and highly professional and got the best outcome in my case .. I would highly recommend either of these two ladies and especially this company to handle your case. I'd like to thank you both for your professionalism and compassion with dealing with my case ... Victtoria J. Brown Ps:- I will miss our phone calls : )
Allison Millson has been amazing for the last 4 1/2 years handling my case! Anytime I had a question, she always got back to me and was so lovely to deal with. Thank you, Allison, for everything!
I had an extremely devastating and complex case which involved multiple fields of law and wasn't straight forward easy, but I had contacted Dan and not only did he give me the ability to thoroughly explain my incident, but went through my matter every step of the way, in what was the best path to tackle the case.

Due to the complexity of my case I wasn't able to find a proper solution immediately. Regardless of that I was assisted greatly by Dan and the team and recieved good advice. I highly recommend this firm as they really care about the person too.
Angela has been an absolute pleasure to deal with through the worst time of my life. She was full of empathy and supported me through the whole process.

Angela would call me often just to check on me to make sure I was okay. Her phone calls were never rushed and she made sure I was fully settled before we finished the call. Her professional and beautiful nature is something I will never ever forget.
I highly recommend TIm Cooper and his team from The Personal Injury Lawyers. I am glad Tim represented my case against Work Cover and helped to settle it in first conference in just 9 months. Since beginning, he explained me every step in detail, always provided me genuine and right advise for the best outcome for my claim. Whenever I had any question or query, Tim and his staff were only a call or email away, and always replied me back ASAP.

I never had to chase them. Throughout my claim, I never felt I am just a number in this firm, but in fact, my case was looked after well and Tim always advised me as a family member. I was assured my case is in expert hands. It was a great pleasure to deal with incredibly professional Tim and PIL firm. I will not hesitate to contact Tim in future if I need to take his services again, and will highly recommend him to my known. Thank you very much Tim, Tara, staff and PIL Team.
The Personal Injury Lawyers, and Angela Symons in particular, have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Angela has been there for me every step of the way in my claim, has been easy to talk to, clear in her communication when I needed clarification and helped me achieve a very desirable outcome.

The whole team have been amazing to deal with. Very friendly and always there to help. Thank you The PI Lawyers
The personal injury lawyers looked after my claim with meticulous detail and professionalism from beginning to the end. Allison was so kind, informative, compassionate and highly experienced.

She put me at ease and kept me up to date throughout. I felt confident I was being represented to the best standard and am extremely happy with the outcome of my claim. Thank you Allison and team I am very appreciative and grateful.
I would like to thank the Personal Injury Lawyers, especially Carrisa for dealing with my claim. At first, I was hesitant about contacting lawyers because I had never been in this situation before but Carrisa made me feel at ease with her impeccable communication and professionalism.

She explained the process at every step of the way, making me feel confident with my choices. Most importantly, her advice was never wrong as the claim went through successfully, as predicted by Carrisa and her team. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who needs an injury claim.
Carrisa was very pleasant to deal with, explaining everything very well so I was never confused and talked me step by step, walking me through everything so I knew exactly what was happening. I would highly recommend Carrisa (and The Personal Injury Lawyers).
I couldn’t speak more highly of Carissa and PI Lawyers. My case was a long battle of 3 years, and throughout this time horrible and challenging time, Carissa was super empathetic, understanding and supportive.

Carissa was very genuine and compassionate with all her communications throughout the few years. I would very much recommend Carissa and team at the PI Lawyers. I was very grateful for a wonderful outcome.
I had Greg looking after my workcover case for approximately 2 years from beginning to end, and in that time I always felt I was in the loop with what was going on, I was given advice on what to do and what not to do in regards to getting the best possible outcome, and the whole process was extremely simple for me as the client. We ended up settling before even needing to go to court as Greg did such a great job negotiating, along with the barrister, to get as close to what we wanted as possible.

This avoided a lengthy drawn out and more expensive process, for probably a similar outcome in the end anyway. The payout process was also fast and the fees charged were definitely a lot less than I had 1st anticipated as well. Everything is explained well so the client knows what's happening every step of the way. Thanks Greg. I will be in touch if I ever need to be again, and will recommend you to any others that need your services.
I live in Brisbane and dealt with Greg and Steph on the Gold Coast. They made everything simple and easy to get my claim settled professionally.
I would like to express my gratitude to Erin Mcleod and her team for everything she has done for me throughout the two years. Received a result far more than I've expected, life changing.

Erin has been very responsive and patient with my questions and gave clear instructions on what i need to do in each step. She has been very professional as well. I wish you and your team all the best and hope you will be able to help those who needed this service. Trust them to takecare of you, they are really good in what they do.
I wanted to write this note as an expression of my sincere appreciation relating to the excellent standard of fantastic support and services provided by the Team at Personal Injury Lawyers, special mention to Greg and Stephanie👍. My best interests relating to an unfortunate series of Workplace injuries, were always at the forefront of the Team's considerations.

Their attendance to ensuring medical arrangements made for interventions with the employer and liaisons with Workcover Qld, were always over and above my expectations. I would highly recommend the Team at The Personal Injury Lawyers for any workplace related matters requiring good professional, caring support.
Carrisa Myers made our claim seem easy. She showed compassion & understanding to my family. Always acting in the most professional manner. It was actually a pleasure to deal with her, and we would like to personally thank her for all of her hard work.
Today my claim was settled and i would highly recommend Tim Cooper and his team Tara Middleton and Georgina Martin.Im very happy with the end result. It can be a stressful time over thinking things but Tim was always only a call away and if he was busy he would always contact me within a day or two. Thanks.
Great experience! Thank you
I would like to highly recommend Angela Symons. 2016 I was involved in an armed vehicle accident, that left me with chronic pain from my injuries and PTSD. Angela symons was very understanding caring and her empathy shows your extreme professionalism.

With PTSD I get overwhelmed easily but Angela symons took time to explain and reassured me every step of the way. Your compassion was appreciated. Angela symons keep me informed and always took time to take my call. I highly recommend Angela symons thank you so much for all your help and for a good outcome.
Couldn't recommend Tim cooper and his team enough! I was nervous to deal with lawyers as it was my first experience but tim made it easy. Extremely happy with everything from communication, fees, outcome, professionalism and his honesty with it all from the start Highly recommend!!
I had Angela Symons, she was so caring and understanding. She is very professional, I was so happy with my outcome. I would recommend her to anyone.
I would like to recommend Tim Cooper and his team, they have done a perfect job last year and helped me get through my claim. You can definitely trust Tim and The Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane/ Gold Coast. Highly Recommend!
They are good at what they do, helpful to deal with.
I would like to thank Greg and Stephanie at Personal Injury Lawyers for their help with my claim, I considered them to be professional and very informative throughout the whole process.

I found the whole experience of the claim to be smooth and stress free, Greg and Stephanie were very professional at all stages of the process and were very easy to deal with over the duration of my claim and I can't thank them enough for all their help.

I can not recommend Greg and Stephanie at Personal Injury Lawyers enough and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for representation.
I made contact just seeking advice after a fall that has left me with some serious injuries, after constant rejections from other firms I was just reaching out for anyone to help.

I spoke with James and he was ever so professional in giving advice. Even though the search continues to find someone I now have a way better understanding. Your kindness and empathy shows adds to your extreme professionalism.
Tim Cooper was amazing in getting me through a personal injury compensation claim. He showed empathy, professionalism and consideration throughout the whole process. I was kept in the loop at every stage and I felt extremely well looked after.

I am super happy with the outcome that Tim achieved and it will help me to move forward with much optimism for the future. Thanks so much Tim, my family and I are ever grateful.
My experience with PI Lawyers was fantastic. I mainly dealt with Carris Myers who was attentive to everything I needed, very friendly and always happy to go above and beyond. On top of that she was able to achieve great results that exceeded any of my expectations. 11/10
I am very grateful for Prudence Prescott for her hard working service behind the scenes. Prudence is approachable, understanding, patient and kind. I was young at the time of my incident and she helped me understand what I needed to know. For the times I felt nervous and scared she reassured me and kept me calm. Thank you so much for guiding me throughout my case to the end. Would definitely recommend Prudence Prescott for any situation.
Thank you so much to Angela Symons and Tim Cooper for helping my father with his compensation claim. Both Angela and Tim were especially wonderful to work with, for which my father is forever grateful.
Angela was very attentive, made the process very clear and straight forward. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and my family and I commend your services very highly.
Thanks to Angela Symons I finally have an outcome to my case. Thank you for your ongoing support throughout, always available with answers and ever patient with my questions. Much appreciated
In 2019 my partner and I were involved in a car accident caused by the other driver speeding through a give way sign. Both cars were written off and I sustained neck and psychological injuries and my partner sustained neck, back and psychological injuries.

These injuries have caused a great deal of pain requiring long term treatment and ongoing financial burden. Greg Lauritson Dam and Steffanie from the Personal Injury Lawyers supported us through the whole legal process and achieved a fantastic outcome for both of us.

Greg explained everything to us in easy to understand terminology and kept us informed through out and didn’t give up on achieving the best possible outcome. We are extremely grateful to Greg and would highly recommend him to anyone requiring support following a personal injury.
From start to finish I was made to feel included and supported through a process that was new to me, if you need help, not sure who you can get good advice from and want concise professionals to assist you, look no further!
Last year a family member had an accident and we needed advise. We called Greg and he gave us help and support. Greg gave us advise as to our choices and stayed in touch to see how we were going. During this period of at least 6 months Greg stayed in touch without pressure of any sort. Greg was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We can highly recommend his services.
In early to mid 2018 I was involved in a car accident after being rear ended and shunned into the vehicle in front me, having my 4x4 written Off and leaving me with a chronic pain condition that would change my life forever.

I found PIL online and I was referred onto Greg Lauritsen-damm and Stefanie Schilkowski to carry the load of my Personal Injury Case. Greg and Stef were absolutely amazing through the whole process, maximised my compensation return and took the load off my shoulders when ever they could, reassuring me every step of the way even though at times I may have been a little emotional due to the nature of the accident and process.

Thank you for your outstanding work and attention to detail, you made the whole process a little easier knowing I had the best in my corner. I highly recommend this outstanding duo to anyone who may need legal advice and a supportive team to lead their personal injury claim to success.
After reading all the great reviews I felt confident in choosing PI lawyers for my claim. I was blessed to have Tim Cooper handle my claim. Not only is Tim Cooper a very good lawyer who will work hard to achieve the best out come, but also a honest, trustworthy, genuine person. Tim only used the best and highly regarded people to help assist the best out come for my claim.

I truly believe if I chose a different law firm to handle my claim I wouldn't have got the out come I got. I'm very happy with the out come. All the staff at PI lawyers are friendly, professional and easy to deal with. I can't recommend Tim Cooper and the PI Law highly enough. Thank You to Tim Cooper and all the staff at PI law firm Grant B
I can't thank Allison and the team at The Personal Injury Lawyers enough for their patience, understanding and care throughout this process. They've been nothing but amazing. They were always professional in their dealings with me and gave expert advice every step of the way. I highly recommend them to anyone pursuing a PI claim.
When I first decided to hire a lawyer for my compensation claim, I was very wary and unsure. The Personal Injury lawyers were honest, professional, and made the process much easier.

I felt heard and validated by Carissa and Greg, who successfully settled my claim for 20 times the original offer.

I will always suggest this firm and their unwaveringly commitment to their clients. Its truely life changing. Thank you.
Allison and TPIL were very professional and made us feel comfortable throughout the claim process after our involvement in a road accident. They were very quick to arrange treatment after contacting them and made the experience easy to navigate.

Allison was very nice to deal with and always made sure we understood what was happening and the next steps to take. Overall we are very satisfied with the team and would not hesitate in recommending Allison and TPIL in the future.
Allison was awesome throughout my claim journey, I was kept up to date throughout, I would definitely recommend PI lawyers 🙂
I highly recommend PI Lawyers especially Vaughan Jackson and his team as they helped me through my injury claim . I appreciate all the hard work you guys did for me. Thanks again. Merry Xmas.
I had Angela Symons handle my case and she was amazing to deal with as it was alot to take in. She made me feel comfortable, made sure I was kept up to date with everything and I really felt that she helped me get the best outcome. Angela made a very daunting and stressfull time in my life a lot easier to deal with.
Following an accident, my wife needed to claim in order to get proper treatment for her injuries. We have Greg and his team at The Personal Injury Lawyers to thank for making this possible. I cannot imagine a more supportive legal team – thoughtful and meticulous from the outset and throughout the entire process. Highly recommended!
Angela at The Personal Injury Lawyers has been incredible to deal with. She has always shown professionalism and is very easy going and reliable. Angela managed to finalise my settlement 6 x more than I'd hoped for, to say I'm happy with her services is an understatement. Keep up the great work! And thanks again! Mellissah Patterson
Prudence Prescott has been absolutely incredible. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind and understanding, and is an especially skilled litigator. Sensitive to the needs and best interests of her clients. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.
I have had Tim help me out a few times with some issues and he has been excellent to work with. The correspondence has been fantastic through both situations . The result both times has been above my expectations. Thank you Tim for the great work
I can't thank Allison and the team at The Personal Injury Lawyers enough for their patience, understanding and care throughout this process. They've been nothing but amazing. Their professionalism, expert advice and care have given me the confidence to pursue what is right. Their expert guidance has made the process easy to navigate and seamless. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.
Absolutely amazing from start to finish, they listen, also helpful with every step, and they explain things so make it easy to understand the process . Definitely recommend
I cannot thank Allison, Bridget and Ange enough for the help and effort with my recent case. They made everything seem so easy, were quick when I had a question or query and were always so lovely! Would recommend to anyone who needs a good injury lawyer. Thanks again guys x
Gerard from The Personal Injury Lawyers was brilliant, he was straight forward, highly professional and efficient.

The service advice was clear and transparent enabling me to make easy and informed decisions. The Personal Injury Lawyers could not have assisted me more with my legal matter. Thank you.
Seeking damages for a claim can seem like a daunting, impossible marathon, but the team here, especially Greg, were attentive and professional. I'd recommend them to anyone who feels that they need representation--they really do amazing work and are client-focused.
A huge thank you to Prudence Prescott and her team at the Gold Coast office for an outstanding level of professionalism, understanding, compassion and determination which in turn resulted with an excellent outcome for my injury claim.

I am greatly appreciative of the personal level of care and understanding given throughout the claim, and would highly recommend Prudence as Legal representation to family and friends if they were to seek compensation for an injury.
From the very first contact we made with The PIL team, we’ve had nothing but a positive experience.

Vaughn and Zoe were both extremely professional and helpful at every step of the claims process for us. Their hard work in putting our case together resulted in an outcome above and beyond anything we could have anticipated. Vaughn deserves every bit of praise I could muster for his patience and empathy in regards to the injuries sustained and was most accomodating in helping us within these tricky parameters.

They were upfront and realistic in how the claim was put together, and managed our expectations in the same realistic terms. I honestly could not recommend a better team. Thank You both.
"This company has the highest standard of professionalism I have ever experienced. Having had a bad experience with my previous employer, I contacted PI Lawyers who assisted me all the way through to the end of my case. From the word go, they maintained a high standard of professional etiquette, which sadly lacks in this world today.

They did what they said they would do always keeping me informed and never misleading me. I would particularly like to name ANGELA SYMONS, who maintained a high level of professionalism, willing to listen to my concerns and made me feel as if my case and circumstances were just as important as a high profile case.

I would strongly recommend PI Lawyers to anyone. Thank you to everyone at PI Lawyers who had dealings with my case, across the board."
"This was my first experience ever to lodge an application for a compo after I hurt myself last year. Not knowing who to call, I picked up The Personal Injury Lawyers based on their reviews from the google search and glad I picked them.

From start to the finish the entire process was well explained in simplified language. My Lawyer PP (her name initials) was very knowledgeable, patient and professional. She kept me informed throughout the claim process and responded to all my request and inquiries either in person or via email in timely manner.

Thank you PP and the team for supporting me through the process. You guys are awesome."
"Very few times I come across in life with such an excellent service that deserves a review with 5 stars! Despite that we decided not to proceed with my case, Greg Lauritsen-Damm did listen to me and gave me the best advice."
"Five stars"
"Had an amazing experience with Tim Cooper from TPIL, we were able to achieve the result I was after and everything went as smooth as possible."
"If you are looking for a legal team to handle your personal injury claim then look no further. I cannot thank Greg Lauritsen-Damm and Stephanie enough for their expert knowledge, commitment and diligence in finalising my claim. From the initial enquiries to the claim settlement Greg and Stephanie were responsive, professional and always had my best interest at heart.

I felt I could fully trust Greg and Stephanie knowing they possessed a wealth of knowledge, experience and I was always informed and updated with any progress or decision making processes around my claim.

I will be forever grateful to Greg and Stephanie for their hard work in helping settle my claim and I cannot recommend their services enough to anyone who may be requiring legal assistance for a personal injury matter."
"I started my process back in February 2019 following a car accident and dealt with Carrisa from the start. Carrisa went beyond my expectations in client satisfaction and her communication throughout my matter, was outstanding. I would highly recommend The Personal Injury Lawyers to anyone!! Carrisa you’re AMAZING!!!!"
"5 star's don't seem enough. Gerry, Zoe and Erin were fantastic. From day one they were amazing, both caring and professional. Not only did they work hard for the best outcome, they also took the time to make sure I was ok. I can't thank them enough."
"I spoke with Greg Lauritson-Damm about making my personal injury compensation claim. He listened as I told him about my circumstances and then guided me through the steps I next needed to take. He also followed up with emails in case I missed anything whilst we were talking. I found him to be most pleasant and knowledgeable. Thank you so much Greg."
"My thanks to PI Lawyers team. To Greg and Stephanie who handled my case. I was kept well informed all the time and made aware of my options, all the way to the end."
Angela Symons from The Personal Injury Lawyers was a pleasure to work with, she always kept me up to date with what was happening, and she worked hard to get the best result for my claim.

Angela was always friendly and informative, and i would highly recommend her to anyone. Very professional and a caring law firm, Thank you so much, Best Regards Robert Shaw
"I can highly recommend The Personal Injury Lawyers, especially Angela Symons. Angela supported me throughout my claim, was always responsive to my emails and answered any concerns I had.

Overall I found Angela’s professionalism and knowledge exceeded my expectations."
"I am submitting this review on behalf of my father who was the client. I would like to thank Erin, Tara, and Montana for all the effort that they put into my claim. It was greatly appreciated and I would be more than happy to refer her to anyone that may require her services.

They all did an excellent job with the handling of both the claim and myself. On Erin's advice we decided to settle the claim. Whilst I was prepared to take it to trial, Erin advised me that it could have gone to court for a minimal gain or that we could have lost it all so in my case, settling the claim was the best outcome.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who worked on my claim.

Regards, Bob Piercey"
"To all the staff at the Gold Coast Office..I would like to thank you all for dealing with my car accident (personal injury claim.)

You have shown compassion, given me the correct advice from the momment our communication was initiated. I'd like to thank Greg for the encouragement and giving me the confidence to pursue this matter initially.

I'd also like to acknowledge Allison as she was appointed as my lawyer in dealing with this matter. Allison was always available to reach out to, if I had any concerns or issues that were bothering me in regards to my case. She would always offer help and support. Xx

I would like to thank you all, also for a successful outcome.

Many Many Thanks Loretta"
"In 2015 I was stopped at a set of lights on my way to work I was turning from a side street to get onto the ICB. As my light went green and I started to turn, someone sped through a red light and smashed into me.

Over the next two weeks my back went from some slight discomfort to full blown 24/7 agony. I lost overtime at work, I had to give up playing sports with my friends for a really long time while I did physiotherapy and work cover and I wasn't really sure of what my next steps should be.

About 18 months later, I was on the mend but still suffering a lot of discomfort and was referred to TPIL. I was hesitant at first as I felt that there was a lot of stigma associated with making a claim from an accident but after speaking to PIL they re-assured me that a claim was the best possible next step for me as I needed to protect myself from not only the income that I had lost, but potential future lost income and the fact that my injury had prohibited me and would have a long lasting impact on the things that I enjoyed doing in my day to day life.

I was not in the wrong for my accident and I deserved to be compensated for the consequences that I suffered as a result. The team at TPIL agreed to take on my case and we have recently come to a positive result. The process was not an overnight one but Allison and her team were always there to answer my queries, provide me with timely updates and explain the legal jargon in a manner that I could easily understand.

Thank you very much to Allison, Angela, Bridgette and the entire TPIL team who assisted me throughout this whole process. If you are in the same boat as I was, I would highly recommend the services of the experts at The Personal Injury Lawyers"
"The Personal injury lawyers team was just amazing!! They were so caring, kind, nice and etc. English is my second language but their instructions were so easy to understand. All I needed to do was just following their instructions. Also their response was so quick. As soon as I leave a message, they call me back.

5 stars are not enough, they deserve 7 stars.

Before I started my case, I had 2 choices and now I truly believe I made the best choice, which is Personal Injury Lawyers. Their professionalism wowed me really and truly. In my opinion they are the best by far.

Other lawyers cannot even come close!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!!"
"TPIL, especially my main contact Prudence Prescott, were amazing to deal with. They kept me informed on the status of my claim, guided me on the records that I needed to keep and brought everything together to ensure that they achieved the best possible outcome for me.

I would definitely use their services again!"
"Would highly recommend the personal injury lawyers. Felt like all my needs were taken care of and they got the most out of my claim. Tim Cooper is an excellent solicitor.

He is very professional and always kept me informed with the progress of my claim. Very thankful for his work."
Alison and team were absolutely so professional and made you feel at ease with all questions answered.

I would recommend them to all my friends.
Yesterday I was researching legal options when faced with Motor vehicle road accidents. Although an ‘old Elephant’, I do present with a working knowledge of Australian Consumer Law and consumer rights.

I spoke with Gerard, who instantly made me feel very comfortable, and confident that he was making an effort to disseminate the important information from the relevant data. He was interested in me and wanted to help. He made it a very pleasant customer service experience.

People will miss what you say and what you do, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.!(quote). Thank you Gerard your service was very much appreciated.
I was lucky enough to have Greg Lauritsen-Damm on my case. He got me an amazing result and kept me well informed and comfortable throughout the whole process.

He is the ultimate professional and I would gladly recommend him and his team to anybody!
"The Personal Injury Lawyers have been fantastic in settling our case. From day one, Carrisa Myers was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She was extremely professional, always there when we needed advice. We will be forever grateful for what you did for us. Thank you. I would not hesitate in recommending Carrisa and The Personal Injury Lawyers to anyone"
"I was represented by Tim Cooper from the personal injury lawyers, when my claim started back in 2017. Throughout the entire process Tim has been understanding, supportive, knowledgeable and a great help to me.

Was always easy to contact and if he was busy it wasn’t long before I was contacted back. They achieved what I believe to be the best result possible for me. Thank you so much Tim and the rest of the firm I highly recommend."
"I was represented by Greg Lauritsen-Damm from the Personal Injury Lawyers. I want to thank him and Stefanie for all their hard work. It was a difficult case, as I previously had started the compensation claim with a different law firm which made it much harder.

Greg impressed me with his thorough and transparent approach, an eye for detail and he solved my problems intelligently, thoughtfully and with empathy, tailored to my specific circumstances. I really appreciated their great customer care, flexibility and fast responses, it didn’t matter at all that I was situated in North QLD.

I can absolutely recommend this firm and would use their services again."
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