Boom lift accident claims

Boom lift accident claims in Brisbane & Gold Coast, QLD

Avoiding personal injury on a construction site isn’t always guaranteed. Especially while operating a boom lift, you are at risk of falls, electrocution, and other serious injuries.

Have you suffered from an aerial lift accident? Were you the victim of company negligence, faulty equipment, or adverse weather conditions? Did the soft terrain turn treacherous and cause the boom lift to tip with you inside? You may be entitled to make a workers’ compensation claim

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Why are boom lifts used?

Boom lifts, or otherwise known as aerial lifts, are used on job sites to elevate workers to different heights for various tasks. The most common uses of the boom lift include:

  • Painting, typically high walls and ceilings
  • Building maintenance tasks 
  • Installation projects, such as lighting
  • Construction projects, for example, erecting scaffolding
  • Industrial work


The operation of an aerial lift has many risks. This is due to the mobility of these lifts and their restrictive work space, and the heights that they elevate workers. Hazards such as falls, crushing, tip-overs, trapping, and electrocution, have consistently jeopardised the safety of employees and even killed workers each year. 

While it is your employer’s duty to assess these risks and provide adequate training for your health and safety, accidents still occur. 

Have you sustained an injury in a boom lift accident? Check your eligibility for compensation using our compensation calculator.

Why should I claim for my boom lift accident?

Aerial lift accidents occur year round. Lift accidents have killed or injured workers thanks to negligence, operator error, defective equipment, weather conditions, unstable ground, or other causes. 

If an accident occurred at your job site and has left you suffering from personal injury, know that we are here to help you. The pain and hardships that you’re experiencing doesn’t have to be felt alone. 

We know how daunting it can be to seek out legal advice, but rest assured that you will have experts helping you every step of the way. Take advantage of our knowledge of personal injury law and let us guide you through lodging potential claims such as a workers compensation claim or a pain and suffering payout

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Compensation for aerial lift fall injuries

It doesn’t matter whether your construction company can be held liable for your fall or if human error or other factors were at play, you may be eligible for a compensation claim. 

Don’t suffer in silence. Our experienced team of lawyers is here to help you. 

Enduring a fall injury is highly common in the construction industry. Working from a boom lift puts you at a high height and at great risk. While just trying to successfully complete your job, you might be subject to a serious injury that affects your ability to earn and have a good quality of life. You might be drowning in medical bills, or suffering physically and psychologically thanks to your fall. 

Without the proper safety procedures in place to account for the chance of accidents caused by unpredictable weather conditions, unstable terrain, or equipment failure, it’s your life, livelihood, and health at risk. 

No matter whether high winds, faulty equipment, or company negligence is to blame, you may be eligible to claim workers compensation, a personal injury claim, or pain and suffering payouts due to your boom lift fall. Contact our team for a free claims assessment or use the claim checker for a 30 second test of your compensation eligibility.

Compensation for electrocutions, collision, crushing, and other boom lift accidents

Due to the purpose of a boom lift, workers are often subjected to hazardous environments and conditions both on and off construction sites. 

The nature of your work may risk your safety and place you near telephone poles and overhead power lines, which can lead to electrocution. Objects may fall and crush, knock, or tip-over the boom lift and any workers who operate them. The maximum weight of lift may be exceeded and cause collapses, or the equipment could fail and affect worker safety. 

On a construction site, a lift may be operated near dangerous equipment on the ground or amongst vehicles that could collide with the lift and lead to injury. Contact with high winds or unstable ground may cause tipping and lead to crushing injuries.

Thanks to the dangers involved with the use of boom lifts, you may have sustained injuries that could make you eligible to claim legal action such as workers compensation. No matter how you were injured in your accident, we are here to offer advice and target a compensation claim for your injuries. 

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