Elbow injury compensation claims

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If you’ve suffered an elbow injury from a car accident or resulting from a negligent act, we’re here to help you make an elbow injury compensation claim.

We help people injured in many types of accidents lodge claims for personal injury compensation, getting the best elbow injury compensation amounts for our clients.

We ensure that we get them the best financial restitution they need to recover from their elbow injuries.

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Elbow injury compensation claims

Your elbow is one of the most utilised parts of your body and allows you to do many things that can be taken for granted, from throwing a ball, swinging a bat, lifting things and merely hugging someone. You can do all this because it’s a complex joint. 

However, this also means there are many ways things can go wrong with it through injury – and when it does, you may want to consider an elbow injury settlement.

If you have experienced an elbow injury caused by the negligence of another party, you could be entitled to make a claim for elbow injury claim compensation. 

What can cause elbow injuries? There are numerous causes, such as slips, trips or falls, sporting injuries and a common source, an elbow injury from a car accident.


How much compensation do you get for an elbow injury?

This figure will vary for any number of reasons as how much will depend on the circumstances of the accident, and who was at fault.

We can help you calculate the amount due or you can get a rough idea via our compensation calculator.

Why consider elbow injury compensation?

Unfortunately, elbow injuries can be very debilitating. Often people with an elbow injury such as a break, fracture or “tennis elbow” are unable to work for a period of time and therefore can suffer a loss of income and future income. An elbow injury can also affect your personal life, affecting your ability to wash and dress, prepare food and drive. 

We are here to help you make an elbow injury compensation claim, and we will try to get you an above-average settlement for an elbow injury.

If you have experienced an elbow injury that was not your fault, then contact us at The Personal Injury Lawyers our try our elbow injury claim calculator to get a basic idea of some compensation involved.

What are elbow injuries and how common are they?

An elbow injury can be any sort of injury to the elbow. Most people have suffered a minor elbow injury, such as knocking their “funny bone”. 

This means hitting the back of your elbow, which causes a tingling numb feeling up and down their arms. Luckily this is not a serious injury. However, there are less common injuries to the elbow which can be more serious and require medical treatment.

Elbow breaks and fractures:

Elbow bone breaks or fractures can cause damage to the ulnar collateral ligament. Damage to the ulnar collateral ligament can require surgery to fix and can take over a year to heal properly. These can result from a fall in a public place or an elbow injury from a car accident.

Elbow strain and tears:

Elbow strains and tears are forms of soft tissue damage. A strain is when a muscle, ligament or tendon is overstretched. Severe over-stretching can cause the muscle, ligament or tendon to tear and may require surgery to fix.


Blows to the elbow can cause bursitis. Bursitis occurs when a fluid-filled sac called a “bursa” forms under the skin to protect an injury, causing pain, swelling, and tenderness to the sufferer. Bursitis is often treated by a doctor draining the bursa.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI):

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a condition caused by overworking and is a relatively common workplace injury. This particular elbow injury occurs due to over repeating the same routine tasks, which in turn, causes the ligaments in the elbow to become inflamed, making any movement painful. 

Repetitive Strain Injury to the elbow is usually treated by taking anti-inflammatory medication, and sometimes wearing a supportive elbow brace as well.

Here at The Personal Injury Lawyers, we are the personal injury experts who understand the law, we will take you through the elbow injury compensation process, end-to-end.

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