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Need to seek legal advice thanks to a telehandler accident? Know that our personal injury law firm has expert compensation lawyers ready to take on all of your accident claims. 

Working in the construction industry involves constant risk to your health and wellbeing. The use of a telehandler alone puts both operators and pedestrians at risk of being struck when the equipment moves, or crushed if the vehicle overturns. 

Whether you need to claim forklift accident compensation or you were injured by its telehandler counterpart, know that The Personal Injury Lawyers are a professional law firm that will expertly handle all of your compensation claims. We work on a no win no fee guarantee basis. Contact us today.

What are the common risks of operating a telehandler?

The main use of a telehandler is loading, moving and lifting heavy loads in construction, agriculture and waste and recycling environments. Typically, telehandlers lift materials such as pallets, timber, pipework, concrete blocks, and other packages. However, thanks to their different attachments, such as the bucket crane jib, they have more adaptability and can even transport materials such as sand and water to act in place of a boom. 

Due to their moving and lifting capabilities, however, this equipment comes with a range of risks that can result in injuries. These include:

  • Impaired visibility when moving the telehandler forwards and backwards that can put pedestrians or other workers at risk of being struck
  • Overloading the attachment equipped to the telehandler, causing tipping or overturning which is both dangerous for the operator and bystanders
  • Malfunction of vehicle resulting in collisions, trapping or crushing
  • Misuse of the equipment, for example, moving the equipment while the load is raised or using excessive speeds, endangering persons nearby

Compensation claims aren’t just for motor accident injuries. If you’ve become the victim of a telehandler accident, use our compensation calculator or contact us today to make a compensation claim.

Can I claim compensation for my telehandler accident?

Your eligibility for compensation and how much compensation you may be entitled for is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

No matter what injury occurred, whether you have suffered from a motor vehicle accident, a bus accident, a forklift accident or even a telehandler accident, we can help you through the claims process. Use our expertise in personal injury law to seek legal advice that’s catered specifically for your specific accident claims. 

Similar to our forklift accidents claims for forklift injury compensation, injuries endured in a telehandler accident can be serious and cause permanent impairment. 

Use our simple compensation calculator to find out your eligibility to claim and how much compensation you can be awarded. With our no win no fee policy, you are guaranteed expert compensation lawyers that you can count on and reasonable legal costs. Let a professional law firm help you.

Why is a telehandler accident lawyer important?

The injuries endured in a telehandler accident can take away your source of income and affect your quality of life. With The Personal Injury Lawyers, get maximum compensation for the least amount of personal cost. 

Your compensation claims are taken seriously by us:

  • No matter what circumstances led to your injuries. Both human error and equipment failure have their own effect on claims, so contact us to find out more about the specific details of your compensation. 
  • No matter the severity of injuries. Whether you were minorly injured or your accident led to permanent impairment or disability, you could be eligible to claim.

Seek legal advice that has a no win no fee basis guaranteed. Know that with us you’re getting the best workers compensation lawyers. Simply contact us now to get your compensation claims started.

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