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Cranes play a vital role in the building industry. A construction site relies on cranes to speed up and ease the load of a job. However, this machine is incredibly dangerous if safety procedures are ignored. A crane injury is often fatal.  

Have you suffered a mishap while using heavy equipment through no fault of your own? You deserve to seek help during the recovery process and beyond. 

Our trusted lawyers help people injured in construction accidents lodge claims for personal injury compensation. You can focus on recovery while we work towards getting you financial support.

Common causes of crane accidents

If you are a Queensland crane operator or work on-site around them, despite the best safety precautions, there are plenty of ways you can get hurt. Some of the most common ways people have been injured in a crane accident in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland include falling loads, electrocution, plant rollovers or collapse.

Here are some other common causes of a crane accident: 

  • No maintenance: machinery needs to be serviced and have regular safety inspections. Every company needs to be vigilant with the upkeep of cranes. This was made abundantly clear following the fatal crane accidents on the Gold Coast.
  • Inadequate training: crane counterweight accidents and crane lifting accidents are usually the result of improper training. Employers are responsible for ensuring heavy machinery is operated by qualified and trained personnel.
  • Employer negligence: negligence is another common cause of crane accidents in today‘s construction industry. This can include failing to eliminate risks or breaching their duty of care to cut costs.


Whether you are claiming for a Gold Coast crane accident,Brisbane crane accident or similar construction injury in QLD, our lawyers can help you. 

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Common crane accident injuries

Unfortunately, most crane accidents result in workplace fatalities or horrific injuries. This is because of the size of the crane and the heavy loads they move. 

Here are some of the common injuries you can sustain in this type of accident:

  • Head trauma
  • Bone fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries


You should see a doctor as soon as possible after your accident. This will help with your recovery and help your claim for possible compensation.

Frequently asked questions about crane accident claims

We have compiled the answers to frequently asked questions about minor and big crane accidents:

There are a few factors that influence the size of your potential accident settlement. 

These include:

  • Current medical treatment: one of the first factors that will dictate your potential settlement is the size of your current medical expenses. The more money you have spent getting treated, the greater your settlement might be. 
  • Lost income: if you are injured and unable to work, this will impact the size of your settlement as well. Compensation is designed to not only cover the cost of your medical expenses but also replace any income that you might have lost.
  • Pain and suffering: emotional distress can also play a role in your settlement.

We have a no win no fee guarantee. This means that if you do not win your case, you do not pay our fees.

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Compensation claims in Brisbane have time limits

If you have been involved in a workplace accident, you should seek medical treatment as quickly as possible. Then reach out to one of our crane accident attorneys who can help you with a possible negligence claim. Compensation can help support you and your family during a difficult time. Contact us today for a FREE claim assessment.

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