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A broken or dislocated jaw is the third most common facial injury. The effect of this injury goes beyond just swelling and pain. It can restrict your ability to eat, talk and even breathe. This restriction can severely impact your normal day-to-day activities.

Have you suffered a broken jaw injury due to dental negligence? Do you have multiple fractures in your jaw as a result of a car or work accident? You may be entitled to a broken jaw settlement

This compensation could assist with medical expenses or lost wages during your recovery.  Our personal injury solicitors have specialised legal advice that can assist you with your claim for compensation.

Average settlement for a broken jaw

You might be wondering, how much compensation for a broken jaw? It would be inaccurate for our injury lawyers to generalise compensation payouts for jaw injuries. This is because each case is different with varying levels of severity. 

You could be an actor who has suffered facial disfigurement from the jaw damage. This can result in limited employability becoming a life-long reminder of your trauma. The amount of compensation for this case can differ in comparison to someone who has a less severe jaw injury that works from home.

For a rough estimate, use our free broken jaw compensation calculator. Alternatively, you can call, chat or email one of our knowledgeable personal injury solicitors about the average settlement for a jaw injury. This is the first step in potentially regaining financial support during a difficult time.

Typical causes of a broken jaw

There are different types of injury that can cause severe jaw damage. Here are the typical causes that can see you eligible to claim for compensation:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Dental negligence
  • Assaults
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Workplace accidents
  • Sports-related accidents 


Any accident that is a blunt trauma to the face can result in a broken or dislocated jaw. Special damages might cause your jaw to break in multiple places. This can prolong recovery time as your jaw may need to be wired shut.  

Our personal injury lawyers can help you establish who was at fault and if you have an eligible claim for compensation. On a no win, no fee basis, you have access to specialised legal advice that could help you with your personal injury claim.

What are the different jaw injuries?

Here are the common injuries you could sustain if you have fallen victim to a facial injury: 

  • Broken jaw is a break or a fracture in the jaw bone. The jaw can be broken in multiple places, which can heavily impact your recovery time. 
  • Dislocation occurs when the jaw moves out of its regular position. 
  • Temporomandibular dysfunction is pain in your jaw muscles and joints that control your jaw movement. 
  • Secondary trigeminal neuralgia can be caused by a facial injury that places pressure on the trigeminal nerve. This can result in intensely sharp and debilitating jaw pain.


Each injury can affect your financial status as the pain and suffering of a jaw injury can limit your ability to work. This lack of employability can create both physical and emotional stress. Our personal injury lawyers are seasoned professionals in claims for injuries that impact your normal routine.

What are the different symptoms of jaw injuries?

Symptoms of jaw injuries vary in levels of severity, however, each of them can have an impact on your everyday tasks. These can include vital things like communicating and eating. 

Here are some common symptoms of a jawbone fracture and injury: 

  • The most obvious is pain in the jaw and surrounding areas.
  • Swelling and tightness of the jaw. This symptom can limit your ability to speak or chew food properly as you may not be able to open your mouth fully.
  • Bleeding and mouth bruising usually coincides with a jaw injury.
  • Drooling and mouth stiffness which heavily impacts your ability to talk. 
  • Dental issues can range from teeth displacement to pain in the gums. 
  • Breathing difficulties can arise if there is mouth bleeding as it can obstruct your airways.
  • Facial abnormalities could appear if you have a fractured jaw. This might show as an uneven surface around the mouth or an overbite if the jaw is dislocated. 


If you have suffered a jaw injury due to no fault of your own and are currently experiencing any of the above symptoms, you could be eligible to claim for compensation.

Why claim for broken jaw compensation?

A facial trauma can cause a range of jaw injuries, each injury has different treatment options and varying healing times. Treatment options can include surgery, adequate healing time and medication. It can take approximately 6 weeks to heal a broken jaw. This is time that you could be without work. 

Any type of injury can affect your normal routine especially while you are healing from the trauma. Let our seasoned lawyers support you in making a personal injury claim. Our years of experience will smoothly guide you through the claims process. 

Jaw damage can be a serious, life-altering injury. This is why it’s vital to seek urgent medical treatment. Are you currently suffering the physical, emotional and financial pain of your injury? Then let us help you take the first step in making a claim for compensation.

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