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Your skin is the first thing someone notices about you. This can be a blessing for some and a burden for others who have been injured and are left with ugly, permanent scarring. 

Permanent scarring can severely impact how you interact with the world. Physical appearance can decrease employability. Those with scars are prone to depression and anxiety. For many, this could lead to reduced social interaction and a diminished quality of life. 

Are you a victim of a scar injury that was through no fault of your own? Our personal injury solicitors are here to help you apply for a compensation claim.

The average settlement for scarring

Scar settlement value is difficult to determine with a number of factors to consider. These include the severity of the scarring, the age of the victim and even a person’s gender. 

Our personal injury solicitors understand that a scarred face is not just a cosmetic injury. It is a life-long reminder of the pain that has been suffered due to the negligence of another. This understanding will assist you through the entire claims process. 

If you would like a rough estimate of settlement, you can use our compensation calculator. For a more detailed quote on the possible amount of compensation, you can call, chat or email one of our skilled lawyers.

What to consider when claiming for a scar injury

Here are the factors to examine when claiming for a scar injury

  • The severity. Some scarring can be removed by a plastic surgeon. Dermatologists also have a range of services that can minimise scarring. If these treatments are available to you and effective for your scar, it could decrease the value of the case.  
  • Location of the scarring. If you have suffered a visible facial scar, the claim could be worth more compensation than if the injury had been in a less obvious place on your body. By example, this is in comparison to a scar on your thigh that can be easily concealed in a social or professional setting. 
  • Age. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have observed that younger people are more likely to scar than older patients. A case involving a younger person could see its value be greater than if the person had been an older person. The psychological, social, and employability impacts will be greater for a child or teenager only starting to make their mark in life. 
  • The impact. The impact of the injury is difficult to measure as it is a subjective term. Areas that determine the impact may include the gender, marital and employment status of the person in the past. If you are unmarried and suffer a visible facial scar, it could impact your chance at finding a partner and living a normal life. This could result in severe psychological issues, possibly increasing the value of your claim. 


With a no win no fee basis, it’s worth seeing if you are eligible to claim for the compensation you deserve.

What is a scar tissue injury?

Scar tissue is defined as the body’s way to heal from a wound. If the scar tissue is injured, it can lead to pain, permanent scars and limit your range of movement. 

Scars appear in different shapes and colours. This all depends on the extent of the injury that caused the general damage. It could include a range of causes, from burns to surgical negligence.

There are a few different forms of scars:

  • Keloid scars are usually round, thick and raised scar tissue. They can continue to grow even after the injury has healed. 
  • Hypertrophic scars can be raised and red in colour. They can remain for several years.
  • Contractures and adhesions occur when a large area of skin is lost or injured. The scar tissue pulls the edges of the skin together, creating a new area of skin. This skin is usually tighter and can restrict your range of motion.

What causes injury scars on the face?

There are a range of injuries that could result in facial scars. Each of them can be equally traumatising. Here are a list of the most few common causes: 

  • Car accidents can cause facial lacerations, burns and soft tissue damage as a result of blunt force trauma. These injuries often result in permanent scarring. 
  • Medical negligence can occur during cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons can cause life-altering injuries if they are unqualified and fail to follow medical procedures. 
  • Dog bites often result in facial scarring. This is because of the dog’s jaw strength and movement once its teeth penetrate the skin. 

To assist with the healing process, it is recommended that you visit a physical therapist to stimulate the damaged area with a set of exercises. While you will be focused on your recovery, let us focus on your permanent scar compensation claim.

Why claim for a scar injury?

Facial injuries aren’t just cosmetic, they are a life-long trauma. They can affect your chance at a normal life. Even if you contributed to your injury, it is worth pursuing a claim for permanent scarring.

Our lawyers are experienced in personal injury claims and can help you through work through the process to see if you are eligible for permanent scar compensation.

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