Head injury settlements

Head injury settlements - How much is a head injury claim worth?

The consequences of head or traumatic brain injury are incredibly devastating, not only for the person who has suffered a head injury, but also for their family, friends and work colleagues. 

The consequences of head injuries are complex and unpredictable.

Sufferers respond in hugely different ways, often resulting in hard to diagnose and even harder to prove compensation claims.

Coming to terms with head or brain injury from head trauma or psychological impacts is never easy. 

In addition to dealing with the physical and psychological effects of your injury:

  • It can be overwhelming.
  • Your financial circumstances will likely be drastically altered, and
  • With unknown healing timelines, financial compensation could be the lifeline you need to get well again.

If you’ve sustained a head injury as a result of someone else’s actions or negligence, let us help you recover compensation by way of head injury settlements and in some small way make amends for your pain and suffering by determining how much is a head injury claim worth?

How much compensation for a head injury at work?

Head injuries can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone and the workplace is unfortunately often the scene for incidents and accidents to occur.  So how much compensation for a head injury at work?  

Head injuries are usually caused by blunt force trauma to the head.  The situations in which you can receive a head injury are varied but people whose occupations rely on dangerous situations, for example construction workers, are routinely placed in harm’s way, thereby increasing their chances of risk. 

A simple slip and fall or trip and fall accident at a construction site can lead to debilitating injuries and while a workplace injury may garner workers compensation, you could sustain permanent injuries requiring long-term support and assistance.

How much compensation for a head injury at work depends on quite a few factors.  For example if you have lost income.  This will include any past wages that have been impacted by your inability to work; as well as any future wages or reduction in pay that has occurred as a direct impact of lost employment or your inability to continue doing your job.

How much compensation for a head injury at work will also factor in lost superannuation and medical expenses.  If your head injury is significant and you have long lasting brain damage requiring ongoing medical care and attention you can expect to receive greater compensation than if your injury is temporary and unlikely to impact you long term.

Ongoing rehabilitation can be extremely costly especially for  victims or traumatic brain injury victims so how much compensation for a head injury at work would be greater for injuries of this degree.  And finally law firms will consider your pain and suffering when factoring in or calculating how much compensation for a head injury at work you should be entitled to.


Compensation for head injuries in a car accident

Car accidents commonly yield head injuries in one form or another largely owing to the small enclosed nature of vehicles and the potential to get thrown around during high speed, high impact accidents; despite wearing a seatbelt or the vehicle being fitted with airbags.  

Even in residential neighbourhoods where the speed limit is 60km/h or under, severe head injuries can and do occur.  Like so many other TBI victims, a driver in a car accident may sustain head injuries from a simple rear-ending. However, a pedestrian walking down the footpath or crossing the street could also suffer severe long-term injuries from being struck by a vehicle.  So if your job involves driving vehicles, or you have been involved in an accident or situation resulting in a head injury you could possibly be wondering how much compensation for a head injury at work you would be entitled to.    

There are many occupations that require a driver to operate a motorcycle.  Because motorcycles have no seatbelts or safety features, the potential for injuries is drastically higher than other modes of transport and the instance of head injuries is also more likely. 

Head injury compensation in Brisbane, the Gold Coast & QLD

We help people injured in numerous types of accidents, lodging claims for personal injury compensation. it’s important that we get the best head injury claim value for all of our clients. We believe that they need the best financial restitution (head injury settlements) as they need to recover from their injuries.

We do it with a no win no fee guarantee.

Regardless of how you sustained a head injury, how much compensation for head injury at work can be easily calculated by taking our 30-second claim compensation test.

Frequently asked questions about brain injury & head injury compensation claims

The cost of hiring a personal injury attorney can often prevent people from claiming a settlement amount that they are entitled to.  This is why The Personal Injury Lawyers offer a No Win No Fee guarantee. If your Head Injury Settlements claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay us any legal fees.  From the time you start your claim we cover all expenses related to your case which minimises the risk involved and makes it easier for you to pursue what is rightfully yours.

Your entitlement to claim for compensation will be directly influenced by the circumstances that lead to your injury in the first place.  If you didn’t contribute to the head injury in any way, you’re more likely to qualify for head injury settlements. Whether you were hurt at work, in public, on private property or in a car accident or some other motor vehicle accident, then The Personal Injury Lawyers can help establish eligibility for a head injury settlements claim.

Given the devastating effects associated with traumatic brain injury () or brain damage caused by head injury, you may meet the requirements to claim a range of compensation types including:

  • Lost income – including past and future wages
  • Lost superannuation on lost earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing rehabilitation expenses
  • Pain and suffering

So how much is a head injury claim worth?  That’s dependent upon your individual circumstances, what led to the injury in the first place, the type of injury you have sustained and the long term impact of the injury to your lifestyle.  

To better determine ‘how much is a head injury claim worth‘, give us a call on 1800 958 498 or try our compensation calculator.

Yes. The majority of head injury settlements are restricted by time limits. And deadlines can vary depending on the unique circumstances of your individual case, so it’s important to start your claim as soon as possible.
We’re often asked how much is a head injury claim worth? This will depend on the timeliness of your claim and meeting strict deadlines of lodgement following the incident. Call us and we’ll be happy to discuss.

The legal process associated with head injury settlements can be very complicated. If you plan to take legal action, documenting the extent of your head or brain injury and its impact on your life is an important first step. To ensure you comply with all the legal requirements, always speak with a lawyer before lodging your head injury settlements claim. After assessing your situation, The Personal Injury Lawyers can tell you which steps to take next.

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