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An array of accidents can occur while in the working environment. However, following the duty of the employer, work health and safety procedures are set up in the workplace to protect clients and employees. But what if you are injured while working from home

Thanks to COVID 19 pandemic, workplace circumstances have changed all over the country. Suddenly home life and work life have merged and home-based work is the new norm. Fortunately, despite your change in location, you can still claim compensation for a working from home injury.

If you have been injured while working from home, you don’t need to navigate a workers compensation claim on your own. The Personal Injury Lawyers can help you claim for compensation during this difficult time. Start the process today with a no win no fee guarantee!

Benefits of working from home

Whether you’ve chosen to work from home or a situation is out of your control to keep you working from your household, there are many benefits to working from home. Instead of commuting to your usual work location, your work resources are already in your house and ready to go. Maintaining a work-life balance has never been easier as an employee. For example, as an employee with home-based work, you have the opportunity to perform more personal tasks during the workday. You might be able to do your laundry, wash that overflowing pile of dishes, change the batteries in your smoke alarms, and start cooking lunch and dinner even while you are on the clock.  Unfortunately, there are still risks involved. Even in your own home, safe work isn’t always a guarantee.  Suffering from an injury or accident while working from home has become more common place. You need to keep a close eye on health and safety requirements because even as an employee working out of the office you might endure injury. If you have an injury sustained from home, use our compensation calculator to check your eligibility to claim without any unnecessary cost. Trust us with your employee compensation from working from home injury.

Understand health and safety policies in Australia

Even though you might be working from home, you need to be aware that your health and safety requirements are still of present concern. No matter what your workplace looks like, there are always risks to your personal safety. 

Unfortunately, an employee’s home could place someone at an abnormal risk of getting hurt. There are so many work from home injuries that can cause lengthy pain and suffering for the worker involved.  Even trip hazards at home could be a significant contributing factor, so you need to make sure you keep yourself safe. 

Don’t pay the price with your health. Use the health and safety policies that you are subject to in the office or any other workplace as an example of correct safety advice.

You should also understand the reporting process. If you have suffered an injury while working from home, make sure you understand who to reach out to. You may need to file a claim quickly to avoid missing deadlines, so maintain contact with your office and employer to figure out what you have to do to create a safe work environment even if you are at home working. 

Have you suffered an accident while working from home? Contact us directly for help to claim compensation for working from home injury.

Common injuries that take place while working from home

You also need to familiarize yourself with a few common injuries that can take place while working from home. Some of the most common examples of injuries you may suffer while working at home include:

A herniated disc

A herniated disc is a common injury that you may sustain while working from home. A herniated disc takes place when you maintain an abnormal degree of stress on your back. As a result, the discs that usually cushion your discs may rupture, leading to shooting pains that travel down your legs. When this happens you may require surgical repair and you may not be able to return to work for several months. If you experience back pain while working from home, you should visit a doctor as quickly as possible. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome

If you spend a lot of time typing on the computer, you may develop something called carpal tunnel syndrome. This develops when your forearm becomes inflamed, causing shooting pain to travel down your arm and into your wrist. If you experience carpal tunnel syndrome, you might not be able to type on the computer, which makes it hard for you to do your job. Carpal tunnel syndrome can also make it hard for you to drive, cook, and lift objects in the home. Carpal tunnel syndrome may require surgical repair.

Eye strain work from home injuries

Eye strain is another significant concern while using a home workstation setup. Without adequate lighting to read documents or thanks to the length of time you look at computer screens, you may develop a significant headache and eye strain. If eye strain prevents you from doing your job, you may want to consider workers’ compensation. 

A pinched nerve

You might also experience a pinched nerve. In particular, pinched nerves are common in people’s rotator cuffs if they work from home. This pinched nerve could also take place in your neck or cervical spine. There are a number of symptoms that you may notice if you have a pinched nerve in your neck or back. You may experience numbness, weakness, or shooting pains that travel from your neck or shoulder and down your arm. In some cases, these injuries could require surgical correction.

Workers compensation while working from home

There are a lot of risks that can result from working from home. There are also numerous factors that can contribute to the development of a working from home injury. Work from home injuries can have an adverse impact on not only yourself, but also your family. Fortunately, workers’ compensation can help if you’ve endured an accident while working from home.

Am I entitled to workers compensation if working from home?

Compensation for any working from home injury could be available for you as an employee, but you need to work with a professional on your case. Use us to investigate your legal options. You may be entitled to claims such as work at home compensation or employee compensation for specific working from home injury

However, if you are hurt and unable to work, you may think you can file an insurance claim as quickly as possible. In reality your first priority should be seeing a doctor who can help you to recover from your injuries. Only after this step should you reach out to lawyers who specialize in work at home compensation in Australia. That way you can access financial benefits to help you make ends meet as you recover from your injuries. Let us help you with workers compensation working from home.

Rely on an experienced attorney who can help you with work from home injury workers comp

Any employee injured while working from home should rely on The Personal Injury Lawyers. We have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with workers comp while working from home and we can use our experience to help you. 

We will work with you personally and make sure that all of your questions and concerns are answered about work from home work cover and a potential work at home settlement. We will also vigorously defend your rights as a worker, making sure that we maximize your workers’ compensation benefits. Don’t run the risk of missing any deadlines. Contact us today for our expert advice if you have been injured working from home.

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