Broken foot compensation claims

Broken foot compensation in Brisbane, the Gold Coast & QLD

If you’ve suffered an injury due to the negligent act or omission of another, we’re here to help you make a broken foot compensation claim.

Whether your injury resulted from a car accident, injury in a public space, or an accident at your place of work; in which case we’ll help you with your worker’s comp foot injury settlement.

We help people injured in many types of accidents lodge claims for personal injury compensation that get them the financial restitution they need to recover. 

We do it with a no win no fee guarantee.

Broken foot compensation claims

A foot injury can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort as well as be a huge inconvenience. Some foot injuries can make it difficult and at times, even impossible to do anything, from simple household chores, hobbies, driving to the local shops or getting to work.

Depending on the severity of your foot injury, your recovery could take weeks or even months, completely disrupting your life.

If you have suffered broken bones or a crushing injury to your foot – whether at work, in public or a car accident – you might consider whether you could be eligible for a compensation claim.

Workers comp foot injury settlements

The most commonly asked question is ‘How much compensation can I receive?’. However, the answer can be complex when it comes to broken foot compensation for an injury at work, public place or a car accident.

We can speak to you and very quickly identify:

  • your specific injuries
  • age
  • Employment status
  • and all the circumstances of your injury.


Once we have this information we can far better assess if you can claim, as well as provide you with a personalised report of compensation payout amounts you may be eligible for.

A claim assessment is free and there is no obligation, just simply get in touch with us today.

Foot injuries in public places

All people who occupy a property have a duty of care toward people coming onto their premises.
This includes:

  • the owners of private property, and
  • public authorities

They must take reasonable care to make sure people coming into their properties are not exposed to any risks that are likely to cause them an injury. This means if there is something that may likely be hazardous on their property, they must rectify it or warn people of any danger.

For example, a member of the public may suffer a foot injury in a shopping centre if travelators, escalators or lifts are not working properly. Some people may also have had their foot crushed by another person’s heavy trolley in a supermarket.

In all these scenarios you would be eligible to make a broken foot compensation claim.

Foot injuries from car accidents

One of the most common scenarios is from a vehicle which runs over someone’s foot. If you are injured in an accident that is totally or partially the fault of a driver (even if you are a passenger of that driver), you can claim for broken foot compensation against that driver’s Compulsory Third Party Insurer.

However, if a car crushes the foot of a pedestrian who is jaywalking, the driver’s insurer would likely argue the pedestrian’s contributory negligence in breaking road rules. 

The pedestrian would not be likely to be able to claim compensation unless they could demonstrate that the driver was negligent and aggravated the injury that was their fault, in some way.

What type of claim and how much will depend on the circumstances of the accident, and which party was at fault. We can help you calculate the amount due or you can get a rough idea via our compensation calculator.

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