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We are all pedestrians at some point and all at risk of an injury simply by being around fast moving vehicles and pavement potholes. 

You might think that getting hit by a car is unlikely. Tragically, pedestrian injuries are common and can be devastating for you and your family. 

Are you experiencing pain and suffering from a pedestrian injury? Has your quality of life been affected by the negligence of another? Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in pedestrian compensation claims.

Typical pedestrian accident compensation claims

Here are common accidents that could be worth a pedestrian compensation claim:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. This includes distracted, aggressive and drunk driving. Motor accidents are the most common pedestrian accident due to the increase of cars on the roads. 
  • Poor road design. The lack of footpaths and signalised crossings all present a risk to those on foot. 
  • Poor visibility. This can include a lack of car, bike or scooter lighting. Inadequate lighting on footpaths and roads are also hazardous to pedestrians. 
  • Unsafe vehicles. This ranges from motor vehicles to electric scooters and bikes. Poorly maintained vehicles lead to the likelihood of a pedestrian injury. 

Since the majority of these claims are from a pedestrian hit by a car, compensation lawyers have expert legal knowledge to support you with your pedestrian compensation claim.

Can I get pedestrian hit & run compensation?

Being in a pedestrian accident is a traumatising experience. This can become an even more painful ordeal without the details of those at fault. In most cases, you can still apply to claim compensation for the impact of your injuries and medical expenses. 

All residents in QLD and ACT have protection from a compulsory third-party (CTP) insurer, whose primary aim is to support victims of road accidents. If the driver refuses to give you this information or they are uninsured, our team of expert lawyers will talk to you more about the Nominal Defendant Scheme for compensation.

What are common accident injuries?

Pedestrians are at risk of serious, life-threatening injury. They usually have little to no protection from accidents and are unsuspecting victims. 

Here are a few common pedestrian injuries that lead to compensation claims:

  • Soft tissue damage. This can include bruising, lacerations, sprains and dislocations. These injuries seem less severe than most, though they can result in serious scarring and long-term complications.  
  • Broken and bruised bones. These are the most common injuries. This is because most pedestrian accidents result in blunt force trauma. A broken arm or leg can affect your ability to work which as a result affects your financial status. 
  • Brain injury. This can range from a traumatic brain injury to a non-traumatic brain injury to concussions, hemorrhage and skull fractures.


All of these injuries are life altering, meaning you could be eligible to receive lump sum payments for the physical and financial damage caused.

Why claim for pedestrian compensation?

Our personal injury lawyers have years of experience in helping people lodge a pedestrian injury compensation claim. You might think it’s a difficult and daunting process. However, our accident lawyers will simplify the process for you with legal advice that you can understand. 

Our no win no fee guarantee means you can make your personal injury claim today without financial stress during an already stressful time.

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