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Our hands are vital for our everyday function. The wrists are key to enabling these tools by allowing a range of movement to our hands. Without a functioning wrist, we are unable to utilise our most important tool. 

If you sustain a wrist injury, your ability to conduct normal activity can be severely affected. This can include typing and writing which can also limit your employability during recovery. 

Have you suffered a wrist injury that has limited your life? Did you experience wrist pain and suffering after a road traffic accident? You could be eligible for a wrist injury compensation amount. Our personal injury solicitors are here to support you through the claim process.

Claiming for a wrist injury at work

Have you experienced a wrist injury at work? Compensation amounts can vary. There are a number of variables to consider. This can include who was at fault, the extent of your injuries and how this has impacted your lifestyle. 

Employers are required to minimise the risk of an injury at work. However, there are times this is not achieved, which can leave an employee open to a range of injuries, including those that affect the wrist. According to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, employers have a list of duties to follow to ensure the safety of their employees.

Here are a handful to consider when identifying who was at fault for your wrist injury compensation claim:

  • Safe and adequate facilities. This can include maintaining machinery, office equipment and the general work environment. 
  • Training and supervision as required for the specific employee to protect them from any health and safety risks.  
  • Ongoing observation of the work environment and general health of employees.  
  • Clear instruction on how to safely handle substances, structures and storage. 

Hand and wrist damage is the most common work-related injury. Are you wondering what your broken wrist settlement value is? You can call, chat or email one of our seasoned solicitors for their legal advice.

Claiming for a wrist injury after a car accident

There are a number of injuries you can sustain in a car accident; hand and wrist injuries are among the most common. We often use our hands as a protective measure, placing them in front of us to soften a trip and fall. This protective instinct works the same in a motor vehicle accident where wrists are damaged from using our hands to protect ourselves.

Here are a few common causes of a wrist injury in a car accident: 

  • Drivers tend to grip the steering wheel in an attempt to gain control of the vehicle. When this happens, the impact of the collision can violently shoot the hand back. This action can severely damage the wrist. 
  • Using your hands in an attempt to protect your face or body can mean your wrists are more vulnerable to injury. 
  • An obvious cause is your hand hitting parts of the car during the impact. This can result in a soft tissue wrist injury and compensation could be available for both the driver and passenger of the vehicle. 

The average settlement for a broken wrist in a car accident depends on the details of your claim. If you are suffering the physical, emotional and financial inconvenience of a wrist injury, then start your claim today. You can utilise our years of experience in personal injury compensation for an estimated figure.

Slip and fall broken wrist settlement

Here are a couple of common wrist injuries that coincide with a slip and fall:

  • Sprains usually occur after you instinctively place your hands in front of you as a protective measure during a fall. 
  • Fractures can result if you forcefully twist or bend your wrist during the slip or fall.


Both of these injuries can impact your day-to-day routine. This disruption can lead to a range of stressors unique to your situation. However, there’s a chance your financial stress could be minimised if you let our solicitors start your personal injury claim today.

What are the different wrist injuries?

The wrist is made up of small joints but there is a long list of potential injuries you could sustain. It is recommended that you seek immediate medical treatment if a wrist injury has occurred. This is because delayed treatment can cause permanent wrist damage. 

Here are the different wrist injuries you could sustain:

  • A repetitive strain injury is gradual damage to wrist nerves and muscles from a repetitive action. This term ecompasses carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis. An example of this injury can be the repetitive use of a computer mouse. A workplace might be at fault if it has failed to provide adequate breaks and chair support. 
  • Wrist fractures are another term for a broken wrist. There are 8 small bones in the wrist that connect to 2 arm bones. It’s possible to break all of these bones in a trip and fall accident. Fractures can cause immense discomfort and a prolonged recovery.
  • Soft tissue injury includes any damage to your tendons, ligaments and muscles. Sprains and strains are common soft tissue injuries. 
  • Post-traumatic arthritis can occur if you wear out your wrist joint following an injury. You could suffer this additional injury if an employer forces you to return to work prematurely.  


Healing time and treatment plans can vary depending on the severity of your injury. Minor wrist damage can be treated with rest, ice and a compression bandage. Major injuries could require anti-inflammatory painkillers, surgery and wrist exercises. Whether you are experiencing a major or minor wrist injury, it can still affect your quality of life.

Wrist injury compensation calculator

A wrist injury can undeniably affect your normal routine and this can be as small as your limited ability to throw a friendly wave. Arguably, more damaging is the restriction on typing, gripping and grasping objects. These tasks are common in the workforce and if the use of your wrist is restricted, it can result in a loss of income. 

So, how much compensation do you get for a wrist injury? The severity of the injury, medical bills and lost income is taken into account when calculating compensation. 

For example, a person may have a sprained wrist due to a minor car accident and this injury simply healed with time. In comparison, a different plaintiff could have suffered a broken wrist from a fall due to hazardous floors in the shopping centre. However, this injury could have required surgery and there could be life-long complications. Thus, the amount of compensation for these two cases could vary as the injuries have a different impact. 

For a rough estimate on your broken wrist settlement value, you can use our free wrist injury compensation calculator.

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