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Average compensation for a broken Pelvis

Have you injured your pelvic region through no fault of your own and are looking for compensation? An injury to this part of the body may have a serious impact on your lifestyle. The more severe cases of injury often result in a permanent disability.

The average compensation for a broken pelvis is $285,000. This can vary for minor or the most serious injuries. Medical expenses, ongoing rehabilitation costs and lost income will also be taken into account.

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The Pelvis explained

The pelvic bones, ligaments and soft tissues connected to it form an anchor for vital muscles that allow movement in the hips, thighs and torso. These bones also protect some of your vital organs.

The pelvis makes up the join between the lower limbs, spine and upper body. The strength and integrity of the pelvis are essential to everyday, normal mobility that we all take for granted.

The bones in this part of the body include the sacrum, coccyx (also known as the tailbone) and coxal (hip). The hip itself is formed from 3 bones;

  • the ilium,
  • the ischium, and
  • the pubis.


All three meet at the centre to form the socket of the hip bone (acetabulum). Any injury to the pelvic area will cause significant pain and suffering, restricted mobility and distress.

Common causes of a Pelvic injury

The most common injuries to the hips, pelvis and pelvic area are usually associated with severe trauma, such as in road traffic accidents or workplace accidents. Road traffic accident claims are all too familiar to our PI law team. Other traumatic events such as a fall from a height in the workplace will lead to a serious injury such as pelvic fractures.

Somewhat less serious injuries to the pelvis are also painful. The soft tissues can injured by simply slipping on a wet floor. Other injuries are caused by crushing from heavy items falling upon someone. In which case, if this has happened to you, you may have grounds to make a negligence claim.

High-impact sports are yet another cause of pelvic injuries.

All these factors help us determine the average compensation for a broken pelvis and the types of injury that could see you receive a generous payout for all that you have suffered.

The negative impact of Pelvic injuries on everyday life

Unfortunately, regardless of treatment, there are circumstances when someone never recovers from a pelvis injury. They lose body strength and their movements are severely restricted.

Many injured people will spend a long time unable to put any weight through their pelvis and will have to use crutches or even a wheelchair. This leads to a huge loss of personal independence.

Some pelvic injuries will require surgical treatment, such as hip replacement surgery, from which lengthy, ongoing rehabilitation therapy will be needed.

As such, it’s common that a person will need to take a long time off work. So on top of their injuries, they will also be affected with loss of income, the need for assistance with household chores and even the simple things in life, such as getting dressed, washing and cooking.

How a claim for Pelvis injury compensation benefits you

Anyone who has suffered an injury to the pelvis as a result of an accident, through no fault of their own, has a right to claim compensation against the negligent third party.

If successful with their claim, they will be entitled to a compensation settlement for the pain and discomfort of the pelvic injury they received. The value of the claim could be substantial as it takes into account the long-term costs of recovery. The could be an entitlement to recover loss of income, medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and any other costs incurred as a result.

Given the severity of pelvis injuries and the permanent implications that such damages have on the injured party, claiming compensation is a sensible and reasonable choice.

At The Personal Injury Lawyers, our specialist solicitors will ensure that your claim is presented accurately, thoroughly and fairly. They will instruct leading medical experts to provide detailed reports to ensure an appropriate financial settlement.

When it comes to making a pelvis injury claim in QLD, often you only have a small window in which you can make a compensation claim. Even if you contributed to your injury, you may still have a claim well-worth pursuing. Get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

How much compensation did other people get awarded for their injuries?

To help you understand more how much other people were awarded for their compensation claims, (who may have similar injuries to you) we pulled together some helpful, real life personal injury payout examples..

These include compensation for injury at work as well as car accident injuries, workplace injury and slips, trips and falls. You may have suffered an injury that means that you can’t return to work. We assess the type of injury that you have suffered and will look at current medical reports, the costs of your future medical treatment, along with important factors such as whether you are left with a total and permanent disability.

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