How much is a finger worth in compensation?

Finger injury compensation claims in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and QLD

Fingers are one of our most important tools as humans. They allow us to grip any object that we need in order to work, enjoy hobbies, or just go about our daily routines. Damaging or losing a finger can have a significant impact on your quality of life as you struggle to do those things you once took for granted.

If you’ve suffered a finger injury through no fault of your own then you may be able to claim compensation for your pain and suffering. The Personal Injury Lawyers offer trusted legal guidance to help our clients achieve the highest possible compensation payouts for finger injury claims.

Common types of finger injuries

Fingers are crucially important to how we function every day, but that also means they can come into contact with a wide range of potential risks. Negligence or carelessness when using common objects like knives, doors or household appliances could result in a finger injury. More serious finger injuries often occur when working with or around heavy machinery, power tools and other sharp or fast moving equipment.

A finger injury can be defined as any harm done to one of the four digits of the hand or the thumb. It could be a minor injury that will heal on its own or one that requires professional medical care to regain full use of the injured finger. Fingertips are the most commonly injured part of the hand, but the severity of finger injuries varies significantly, including:

  • bruises
  • bone fractures
  • ligament damage
  • tendon injuries
  • lacerations
  • nerve injuries
  • joint sprains
  • muscle sprains
  • dislocations
  • crush injuries
  • amputation

Even minor injuries to your fingers can have a life-changing effect. You may be unable to work, take care of everyday tasks, or just do the things you used to enjoy. Rehabilitating a finger injury could involve ongoing medical treatments such as physiotherapy and modifications to your home and vehicle. Finger injuries may also require surgery to repair tendons or remove crushed and irreparable areas. Those expenses can quickly add up which only makes your road to recovery even tougher.

If you have suffered any type of finger injury as a result of someone else’s negligence then you should consider filing a finger injury compensation claim. The Personal Injury Lawyers can assist with our no win no fee guarantee. It means you can get the legal support you need without the stress. Our law firm is experienced in finger injury claims including cut finger at work compensation and crushed finger compensation. We will guide you through every step of the process for finger injury compensation to help you get your life back on track.

Can I claim finger injury compensation for a work accident?

Finger injuries in the workplace are unfortunately all too common. Wrist and hand injuries are the leading cause of all work-related hospitalisations in Australia and the majority of those incidents involve fingers. Professions that require the use of sharp, fast moving or heavy equipment have a higher incidence of serious finger injuries. Kitchen and cooking staff are at a very high risk of suffering from cuts, burns and scalds to their fingers. Finger amputations may be necessary after accidents involving power tools such as construction workers, sawmill workers, sheet metal workers or mechanical power press operators.

Finger injuries can also occur from overuse. Jobs that require repetitive gripping actions are at a higher risk of developing trigger finger. It is a condition in which one of your fingers gets stuck in a bent position. You may have stiffness when bending the finger and hear snapping when it moves. In some occupations, employees will spend a lot of time operating moving or vibrating machinery such as drills or sanders. This can cause vibration white finger, which affects circulation and induces twitching, shaking, and numbness in the fingers.

If you have received a finger injury at work, either due to an accident or work-related illness, then you may be able to claim compensation. Employers have an obligation to note where there is a risk of finger injuries from the use of machinery and power tools. They must also provide safety equipment for employees to carry out their work. Failure to ensure a safe work environment could lead to serious accidents, such as losing a finger, which means the employer may also be liable to pay workers compensation for finger amputation.

Speak to The Personal Injury Lawyers for expert guidance about workers compensation claims. Our experienced team can start your claim and help gather evidence even if you are unsure who is at fault after you sustain a finger injury at work. We can offer trusted legal advice for everything from trigger finger workers compensation settlements to compensation for a broken finger at work and even workers compensation for the loss of a finger.

How much compensation do you get for a finger injury?

Finger injury compensation amounts are based on a range of factors and every finger could result in a different payout. Your ring finger is not as important to your ability to function as your index finger or thumb. The ongoing complications caused by your finger injury will also affect the total payout you could expect to receive. Partial finger amputation compensation is likely to be more than cut finger compensation if the cut does not cause long-term damage. However, the exact compensation amount will always depend on the unique circumstances.

Every accident compensation claim is different because injuries affect everyone in different ways. Any jobs that require delicate and precise work with the hands such as typists, writers, surgeons and artists may be difficult after a finger injury and their capacity to earn income in the future may be reduced. For example, a professional pianist would not be able to continue in their occupation without their little finger and this would be taken into account when the court is determining how much compensation for the loss of a finger.

The amount of compensation you could receive for your finger injury claim depends on how much the injury has affected your quality of life. There are many different types of finger injuries and they all require varying degrees of ongoing care and rehabilitation. For example, the payout for lost tip of finger compensation is likely to be much more than a claim for broken finger compensation because it would require more treatment. Surgical and hospital costs can be claimed as compensation as long as it was necessary to treat your condition.

Use our free compensation calculator or call, chat or email one of our experienced personal injury lawyers about your finger injury compensation claim. Once you know more about the circumstances of your finger injury, we can give you a detailed estimate for how much you may be awarded for your compensation claim. You’ll never be left wondering how much compensation you get for losing a finger with our experienced lawyers on your side.

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