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The Personal Injury Lawyers Client Reviews & Testimonials - Page 4

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"I went to see The Personal Injury Lawyers 2014 at the Gold Coast Office. I first met a Solicitor called Gerrard and than the Solicitor Erin .I had a injury at work and I just wanted to say how great Erin and Gerrard are. I did not get the result I wanted I found the Medical Tribunal Doctors not very fair.

They looked at a report from the 2013 before my injury and went on that, as well as my injury report 2014 .But I am just a little fish up against a very big fish .But I know in my heart my Solicitor did the very best for me .They did the best they could and Erin was always lovely to me .If any of my friends need a Personal Injury Lawyer I would go out of my way to tell them how happy I was with Erin.

I wish Gerrard and Erin and the Personal Lawyers Office all the very best .I just want to thank them for all the help and understanding and they knew the pain I am feeling with my injury. I wish them all the very best."
"When researching for someone to represent me for my work injury 18 months ago, I had no recommendations from anyone so based on the information that I gathered I decided to go with these guys.

My appointed lawyer was Prudence Prescott who made this 18 month journey a breeze. From the first time we spoke on the phone to the last phone call after the payout was made, she was very professional and thorough with explaining process of the stages throughout the claim.

Everything she said to me was pretty much how it was in the end. As a result, my payout was in the higher end of the scale which I was very happy with. Highly recommend her if anyone is in the same situation I was in."
"Erin went above and beyond with my case, I am extremely happy with the outcome."
"After a tough number of years it has been an absolute pleasure to say the least to have Prudence Prescott represent me.

She was always polite, understanding and always made me feel confident moving forward with my claim. I couldn’t have asked for a better solicitor. Highly recommended!! Thank you Prudence."
"Having being injured in a rear end accident over 2 years ago, I was in a lot of pain and struggling with day to day work and living.

I am pleased that I listened to a colleague who suggested I needed to follow it up and go for compensation against the driver who rear ended me. I was lucky to have Allison as my point of contact at PI Lawyers, she was always proactive and kept me informed as to what was happening. Pity the insurer was not as proactive.

I recommend this company and especially Allison. Their tenacity and positive outlook got me through a long and tedious process."
"It was a pleasure working with Tim Cooper and his team from the Personal Injury Lawyers on my claim. They showed genuine care towards my injury and always kept me well informed with the proceedings of the claim.

I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend to anyone."
"In my dealings with the PI lawyers everything was always explained to me in full.

If I had any concerns or queries I was always encouraged to call to discuss these.

I hope not to but if needed I would use these guys again and would recommend them to others."
"I would like to thank Allison Millson of The Personal Injury Lawyers group for her outstanding assistance with my claim. Allison I cant say enough good things about you . Your dedication and attention to my claim was second to none.

Having had no experience of an injury claim in the past, your knowledge and persistence was greatly appreciated. Thank you once again. I truly hope your company knows your worth.

My one and only regret is that i didn’t get to meet you in person to acknowledge your effort."
"The Personal Injury Lawyers are just simply amazing and Erin McLeod is worth her weight in gold. At all times she explained everything in a simple manner for anyone to understand, listened to everything I had to say, solved every issue with ease and did so quickly!

They can proudly call themselves Personal Injury Lawyers because they are just that. Erin McLeod estimated an amount, told me how long time my case would be and exceeded both of my expectations and delivered more than I could ever expect.

I have dealt with other law firms in the past, but if I ever have an injury or an accident again I would not even consider or look at anybody else than the Personal Injury Lawyers. Thank you for getting my life back and all of Erin’s efforts, outstanding work!"
"I can’t thank Erin McLeod for all her patience, support and guidance throughout my legal process. The communication has been fantastic, she has been readily available and willing to explain things in a way that I understand.

I am extremely happy with the outcome although I wish I never had to go through this process in the first place. I would have no hesitation recommending this company to anyone. It is professional, reliable , honest.

They provided me with reliable information that enabled me to make decisions in my case. Thank you Gerard Murphy and Erin McLeod."
"I have been with the company for the last 4 years in a long and drawn out case to which we have had a great win and success with our claim! Tim and Maddy have been like a bro and sis to me with their kind support and putting up with some of my tanties when the other side prolonged the outcome.

Their professional attitude is what kept me going and to them I am grateful and can not say enough kind words about them and the company they work for! I can now get on with my life after the great outcome and wish them both a continuing successful careers!

I also feel that I have made some new friends and have extended an invitation to them to come on holidays up in NTH QLD and I’ll take them fishing!"
"I can’t Express how pleased I am with the service I received from Alison at the personal injury lawyers! Alison has been kind, caring and truly professional and has achieved the best possible outcome for me! I will miss our chats! Thanks Alison and the team."
"I would like to say you have been there every step of the way, you are very understanding and caring in an industry that has a lot of arguments and a lot of pressure, I couldn’t have wished for anyone better than you. Thank you so much."
"I highly recommend the Personal Injury Lawyers 110%, after suffering injury, I didn’t know where to turn or what to do.

I was recommended the Personal Injury Lawyers and I thank this friend for doing so. From the very first meeting I received the utmost care and understanding from Pru Prescott.

Pru was professional, honest and compassionate throughout the entire process. I can’t express how grateful I am to Pru for looking after me and obtaining an awesome outcome.

I feel extremely fortunate to have met and dealt with such a wonderful person. Top Class all the way. Thankyou The Personal Injury Lawyers."
"I can’t recommend Daniel Hemmings and his team enough. They kept us informed every step of the way through a very difficult time.

We were happy with the end result."
"Having to choose a lawyer can be a daunting task, I personally relied upon the reviews of others to make my decision. I needed someone who genuinely cared about me, someone who could turn things around for me.

While working I was involved in a car accident, on Workcover, assessed as having a permanent impairment, my future wasn’t looking so bright. I needed to do something, after reading reviews I made my decision of The Personal Injury Lawyers.

This turned out to be my best decision in all the chaos, Part way during the claim I was terminated from my job, it helped having understanding caring people to talk with. I was happy with the conclusion of my claim; feeling The Personal Injury Lawyers got me the best outcome possible so I can now move forward in rebuilding my life.

I personally recommend you and your firm The Personal Injury Lawyers to anyone out there going through tough times. Give them a call and have a chat, you won’t regret it."
"Fantastic work from the team. Very well established. Very easy to communicate with. Tim has done a wonderful job representing my case and strived for the best outcome possible, and Madison and the ladies on the phones have done a wonderful job answering questions and keeping me informed. Great work team. Very pleased with your service, I would definitely recommend."
"I can’t put in to words on how I feel. It’s hard trying to explain how happy and how life changing this outcome was. I was pleased through the whole process on Nicole Hamers commitment to my case.

Not only did she stick it out for so long but she really worked hard for an amazing result. Something I didn’t think could happen, The Personal Injury Lawyers are extremely lucky to have one with such great work ethic.

I will be recommending this firm to everyone i know. She worked really hard and I couldn’t be more pleased."
"I’m so glad that I happened to phone The Personal Injury Lawyers. I felt so alone and was thinking I would end up homeless with my kids on the streets of Brisbane. In one phone call to this firm I instantly felt that I had someone on my side who was not going to let me be homeless who were going to fight for me.

That was before they called in the troops. I was so lost, so reluctant to sue and feeling like I had no rights. The team provided me with all the information I needed.

They have walked along side me throughout this process and at times walked in front of me protecting me from further psychological trauma. I felt confident that this team had my best interest at heart.I now feel like my future is a bit brighter thanks to all your efforts."
"I highly recommend these Lawyers. We’ve had a complex claim and the team at Personal Injury Lawyers made everything seamless and pain free. It’s stressful enough to deal with an injury let alone an injury claim.

The team at PI did an amazing job and removed all the stress and allowed my partner to get on with his recovery. I will always recommend this company and if the need ever arose again in the future for an injury lawyer you can bet I will be tasking this company to manage the case.

Thanks PI Lawyers you have done so much for us and your amazing staff and their positive can do attitude made every conversation enjoyable and stress free. Highly Recommend!"
"I have never been in a situation where I have needed legal representation and Angie gave me the confidence in the whole process and with the firm. I originally started this case with an alternate legal firm and I was very underwhelmed so I decided to search for different representation.

I am glad I did and now I have found a company who’s staff I am very impressed with. Couldn’t be happier with the work and the approach The Personal Injury Lawyers have taken so far. Thank you P.I."
"The last 4 and a half years have been extremely difficult, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Thank you to Tim and the team for keeping me up to date, informed, and providing me with the guidance and support to keep pushing on.

Since I have reached a positive outcome in my cases, I have been able to start the long process of healing."
"This was the best decision I ever made...Thank you so much to Prudence Prescott and her professional service and advise through to the end.

I am very happy with the result and the support throughout my claim and would recommend them confidently to anyone in the same need."
"Nothing is a problem. Extremely committed. The client certainly comes first.

Great results and full knowledge of each step in the process. A pleasure to deal with."
"Erin and the team are amazing. She kept me well informed and help me make the best decisions for myself.

Very caring ,always professional. I highly recommend their services. Thanks again."
"My sincere thanks to you all for making my case successful."
"To all the staff at TPIL. Thank you so much for all your support and guidance in this matter. I really appreciate it."
"It is so nice to work with someone as organised as yourself. A reflection of your firm’s level of professionalism."
"Thank you for believing in me .... Thank you for your perseverance, support, honesty and courtesy from beginning to the outcome. I shall highly recommend TPIL to family and friends."
"I’ve never dealt with lawyers before but calling you for help was the best decision I’ve ever made. Thanks for making everything so easy to understand.

I’ve now got the help I need and can hopefully start back at work soon. Thanks again to Toni and the team!"
"You truly do look after your clients. I saw your total commitment and compassion and I do truly Thank You.

As this has been quite a big journey for me, it was really comforting to see you so committed."
"Tim, Angela and everyone who helped me with my litigation case. I can’t thank you all enough for fighting for me and helping me get some compensation for my injury.

You have all been professional and supportive of my situation. You have kept me informed every step of the way … I am very happy with the outcome and can now move forward with a much brighter future. I will definitely recommend you to friends."
"When I look back, I don’t know what I would have done without you, you were such a support, a shoulder to lean on, you were amazing Toni, you never flinched, throughout this time, and in circumstances in which human nature can often be at it’s frailest.

We are feeling on top of the world now. We are thrilled with the outcome. Thank You."
"I don’t know what we would have done without you on our side.

You fought for us all the way and now my family and I can look forward to a bright future."
"Everyone I talked to at your firm was so professional, friendly and understanding - it made a difficult time in my life so much easier.

I will be recommending you to everyone. Thank you for caring so much about your clients. "
"My wife and I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team for all your hard work, help, support and time you have put in."
"My family and I cannot thank you enough. I think the result you achieved for me was exceptional as was your support and faith in me throughout my claim. I feel like you have lifted a weight off my shoulders."
"I just wanted to thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart, for all the time and effort, you put in concerning A’s case in achieving the best possible outcome. I still feel it was a miracle that you were there for A (and me =)."
"I just wanted to thank you once again for everything. All your hard work and efforts were so greatly appreciated."