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Greg Lauritsen-Damm, who elected to take on my case went above and beyond to help with my claim. I found him very professional, constantly updating progress on my claim and I am extremely happy with the outcome I received.

I would happily recommend Greg and The Personal Injury Lawyers to anyone who needs his expertise.
"I felt very lucky to have Prudence Prescott representing me during my successful workers compensation claim.

I found her to be professional, very knowledgeable and quick to respond to my many concerns all throughout what was a very intricate claim.

I highly recommend!"
"We would like to thank Nicole Forbes and Tim Cooper our lawyers for all their caring and continuous support throughout a difficult time. These two dedicated and caring lawyers guided us every inch of the way, and always were available to talk to us and answer any concerns we had regarding the court case.

Their recommendations all the way through from beginning to end helped so much with the journey we had to undertake. Their expert advice on choosing the right legal team required was excellent. The team they selected for our court case were of the same integrity. Nicole and Tim both were always highly professional through the proceedings, but most of all they were also caring and thoughtful which made this experience a lot easier to know you were not coping on your own."
"I found the Personal Injury Lawyers online and they were very on the ball right from the get go. I worked with Allison M and she was wonderful in handling all aspects of my case.

She responded promptly and always kept me up to date with what was happening, explaining all of the jargon and answering all my questions.

I felt that Allison cared a lot about the outcome of my case and worked hard to get a fair result.

Thank you very much to you, Allison, and the team at The Personal Injury Lawyers."
"Greg and the team at The Personal Injury Lawyers were professional, approachable, and incredibly supportive throughout the entire process. Greg’s empathy was genuine, and he really took the time to understand how my injuries impacted my life.

He was very open and honest about what I should expect, and made sure I understood the process each step of the way. Personal Injury claims are far from enjoyable, but the process was made so much more palatable by having such a supportive and highly skilled team fighting for me."
"Erin, thank you so much for all of your help with my personal injury claim. While it took more than three years to get everything settled I felt very calm and supported throughout the whole process by you and your team.

Your communication was clear and you were very professional.

I would never have received such a good settlement without The Personal Injury Lawyers and feel very pleased with the outcome."
"Thank you to Angela & Greg from The Personal Injury Lawyers for their professional expertise and also to the Personal Injury Lawyers team for their excellent service and work in settling my personal injury claim.

Ensuring that the process went very smooth, despite the other party doing everything in their power to not be reasonable or fair. The process in my case was very lengthy & involved, in saying that Angela & Greg explained in great detail of the importance of why everything had to be completed in a very thorough way.

Angela & Greg at all times had my best interests and they did everything they could to ensure I was compensated and happy with the outcome I received. I would highly recommend Angela & Greg to anybody with any compensation related matter, they both are very professional, honest and informative throughout my case."
"Thank you so much for all your help on my matter. You were always very supportive and helpful and I would definitely give you the full 5 star rating.

I appreciate all that PI Lawyers have done for me. I would definitely recommend you to others."
"Vaughan was extremely professional and very informative to us about our case and made the entire process simple and easy for us to understand.

This led to a smooth and very successful outcome for us. We would highly recommend The Personal Injury Lawyers."
"I used the Personal Injury Lawyers recently due to a car accident I had.

The whole process from start to finish was straight forward, I had a wonderful lady Carissa Myers who guided me through the whole process and was there whenever I had a question to ask, or if I needed reassurance.

I have no hesitation in recommending The Personal Injury Lawyers."
"I cannot recommend Erin McLeod from The Personal Injury Lawyers enough, she went above and beyond for me throughout the entire legal process. Erin had a client centred approach with me, she educated me about my legal rights whilst using my voice to advocate for my needs and wants.

Erin was extremely professional and had an outstanding knowledge of our legal system. More often than not Erin provided me with various choices, this made me feel extremely valued. I am beyond grateful that I made the decision to be supported by The Personal Injury Lawyers. I would feel very confident recommending the Personal Injury Lawyers to my friends, family, colleagues and associates."
"I have just had my personal injury claim settled and could not be more pleased with the outcome. Gerry and Zoe were amazing to deal with, and always kept me informed of the process.

Nothing was too much hassle. These matters take time, so for the period of 2 and a 1/2 years, I always felt well looked after and informed."
"With the help of Angela Symons from The Personal Injury Lawyers it was a pleasure. She made the whole process so easy, helping me understand what I was going through. Understanding what I wanted and needed, it was amazing.

Thank you so much Angela, great job and keep it up you are going to go far, you’re amazing thanks."
"Thank you so much Gerard Murphy and Zoe Bignell for sharing your time and professional advice with me during such a difficult situation.

Your patience and calm approach with myself was very much appreciated and I will be most definitely recommending yourselves and PIL. Thank you both once again!!"
"Allison Millson Was great, her and her team were very responsive with anything and everything i requested also extremely helpful throughout the whole case.

Made an unfortunate event easier to deal with so I definitely recommend using The Personal Injury Lawyers."
"I had the pleasure of Angela to be my lawyer. throughout the whole time she has being caring understanding. She always kept me up to date on what was going on with my claim, she was professional , yet also friendly.

Angela always made me for confident she was also extremely honest , which is very important. to me.. I am so impressed with her I have strongly recommended he to many friends and family if ever in need.

I would like to say to Angela thank you so much with all your hard work and understanding you have shown me and my family Thank you."
"Very amenable, most helpful..... but PRODUCTIVE!

Helen and I thank you very much!"
"I had a very stressful six month period of four work related injuries and I had never had to engage legal advice in a personal injury matter previously, Tim Cooper’s number at The Personal Injury Lawyers came to me from a work colleague.

Tim reviewed my situation over a casual coffee in his office and I did not have to make a commitment then and there and I left with an assurance that he would get back to me with an answer as to the validity of my case and the chances of a positive outcome.

Once the process was started Tim and Symone Jenkinson kept me up to date regularly with progress reports and they walked me through step by step with all the action I was required to complete and answers to all my questions. Reliving some details was stressful at times and Tim offered advice and support when things got tough and we continued on with the matter.

The final outcome was very positive and I was grateful of Tim and Symones professional conduct and respectful individual customer service. I would highly recommend Tim and his team to any of my friends and colleagues needing a great lawyer with a strong team."
"I engaged The PI Lawyers after having the misfortune of being involved In two accidents a year apart which has been the most traumatising and stressful time in my life.

I am grateful to everyone at the PI Lawyers for their support and understanding but in particular my appreciation must go to Greg Lauritsen and Angela Symons for their knowledge and dedication to the best possible outcome.

Their professionalism and client service are second to none. I would highly recommend these lawyers."
"The Personal Injury Lawyers are an amazing group of professionals who have changed my life tremendously. Their no win no fee contracts are ten times better than any of their competition and they go above and beyond what you would expect. I would like to thank Prudence Prescott in particular, to have a person who genuinely cares about your wellbeing and your outcome on your side is invaluable.

Prudence is the most capable and best Lawyer I have ever had the fortune of meeting. I highly recommend that if you have an accident, the first thing you do is contact this company."
"I had a fantastic experience with The Personal Injury Lawyers. Erin, was extremely professional and helpful throughout my claim and updated me regularly.

I felt like I was really looked after and that Erin genuinely cared about the outcome of my claim which was really reassuring in a unpleasant experience.

Thank you Erin and The Personal Injury Lawyers team!"
"Can highly recommend The Personal Injury Lawyers and in particular my case worker Erin. From start to finish I was treated with respect and was informed of my case on a regular basis. Customer service was excellent."
"I had a fantastic experience with The Personal Injury Lawyers. Erin, was extremely professional and helpful throughout my claim and updated me regularly.

I felt like I was really looked after and that Erin genuinely cared about the outcome of my claim which was really reassuring in a unpleasant experience.

Thank you Erin and The Personal Injury Lawyers team!"
"Greg Lauritsen-Damm and his team looked after my claim after I was involved in a really bad motorbike accident that resulted in me losing one of my fingers and suffering other orthopaedic injuries. I was kept informed throughout the entire claim process and didn’t have to worry about anything.

Greg fought as hard as he could to get me the best outcome for my injuries, and I walked away from my claim with an epic result thanks to him the The Personal Injury Lawyers. I AM STOKED!

I felt confident in the firm throughout the entire process I could not recommend Greg and The Personal Injury Lawyers enough for anyone who has suffered an injury or been involved in an accident. THANKS TEAM!"
"Words cannot describe what an amazing firm and assistants but especially exceptional lawyer and more an amazing person Erin McLeod is...!!! The saddest part of my settlement being finalised will be not catching up with Erin every other week..!!. She made feel so at ease while we were going through my case and I was struggling to cope after my very traumatic accident and ongoing health issues and PTSD since then, over the last 4 years...

Erin was the only lawyer that would take on my case, after many phone calls to many other firms. Throughout the course of my claim, whenever I was struggling or unsure about where the case was at, Erin was only ever a phone call away and walked me through every step of the process in terms and figures I could understand. Even when there where times when I was struggling to find light at the end of my dark tunnel, Erin would be a beacon of light.

My case was a difficult path but I could not have wished for a better lawyer to have on my side. She is an amazing person and any person that becomes a client of hers is a very lucky person... I hope 2019 brings her the amazing year she deserves it for all her hard work.. Eternally Grateful .....Mel : )"
"5 stars"
"The service was excellent, every detail of my case was explained in terms so I could fully understand. The staff are friendly and extremely willing to help in any way. I was notified of every detail I needed to know quickly, nothing was to much trouble from the whole team.

Pru is excellent and easy to talk to. It is a credit to Pru and her team how they undertake the work they do very professionally. Definitely five stars."
"Could not recommend the personal injury lawyers more! They got me a great result, we’re extremely supportive, kept great contact and amazing communication regarding my case.

Tim got me a great result and is such a lovely person in general. Every member of staff I communicated with were polite, friendly and professional. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to represent me. This review doesn’t do them justice. Thank you so much Tim and team, forever thankful!"
"Absolutely excellent! Not a single fault. They were helpful, kind, punctual, compassionate and driven for great results. Allison Millson and her team delivered exceptional service as well as making us feel as comfortable as possible.

The entire process has changed our lives for the positive. If you are unsure about claiming 100% speak to Allison Milson and her team at the Personal Injury Lawyers; you won’t look back!"
"I am very happy with the Personal Injury Lawyers and what they have achieved for me. Greg was really really good to deal with i found him down to earth very helpful and he could explain everything to me nothing was a problem for him.

I found Greg not to be what you would think of a typical lawyer type. I would highly recommend PIL to anyone seeking compensation. Thank you very much. A happy client."
"Thank you for all your hard work, and yes I am extremely happy with the results. A special thank you to Allison, all the work she put in and the support she gave, I am very grateful. Thanks again."
"Dear Greg, Allison and Staff, I would personally like to thank you all for the highly professional manner you all provided from start to finish, in my claim for damages. Please forward my appreciation to everyone involved in the process and the final outcome. Yours in appreciation."
"Wow - thats all I can say. The support that I received throughout this claim process was amazing. I had no idea what I was doing most of the time and the PI Lawyers were always on the other end of the phone listening to my stupid questions and spelling things out for me.

This process was very straight forward and my lawyer and his assistant always made sure that I knew what I needed to do next. If ever I have any future claims I will be back - I speak so highly of this company. Thank you."
"They are the professional personal injury lawyers. They have the broad knowledge to deal with the complicated case. You just need to pass on everything to them and they will do the rest for you. Finally, you will have a very good outcome from them.

Especially, Vaughan is a very nice guy. He already works along with you and has enough patience to answer any question you have. Thank you very much for the wonderful service."
"From the very start the team at The Personal Injury Lawyers were helpful, attentive and professional. Angela was always quick to respond to my queries and worked hard to ensure we got a great result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."
"Cannot rate these guys high enough. It’s been a rough 18 months jumping through the hoops in seeking compensation but Vaughan and Carrisa have been available every step of the way to help me through.

I was guided through the process from start to finish and had all of my questions and expectations met. Took a lot of the stress away knowing that my bests interests where in the hands of the professionals."
"I wish to thank Prudence Prescott and her team for their professionalism, expertise and kindness. Every step was clearly and patiently explained which helped make the whole claim process much less daunting."
"Tim and the team are fantastic."
"Following a serious motor bike accident in Feb 2016, I contacted the Personal Injury Lawyers for assistance. Tim Cooper and his team were extremely professional from the onset, keeping us informed as my case advanced through the system.

We have recently received an outcome & I can confidently say- I would thoroughly recommend Tim Cooper and the Personal Injury Lawyers to any future clients."
"I want to thank my lawyer, Erin McLeod. You fought for me so fiercely and with an abundance of heart. I’ll never have words that could adequately thank you for everything you’ve done for me and I find my way to tears every time I try. You, along with Pru and the wider team, are the epitome of professionalism, integrity and resolve. I am thankful my path crossed yours.

For the rest of my life I will, without hesitation, direct any friends or family that require legal services to you directly. That is the lasting impression you leave with your clients. I really do hope you know it.

The necessity of personal injury lawyers cannot be understated. We matter, as does our health. The highest duty of care over our workforce cannot be optional. If you require legal assistance for your injury please do yourself a favour and The Personal Injury Lawyers immediately. Call Erin. It may take months, or years…but that counter starts now and you’ll be in the safest pair of hands. Regards, Jeremy"
"Prudence and her team have been amazing, their support and understanding of my situation was so caring and professional.

I just would not have managed to get through the past four years without the support I had from Prudence, just so wonderful to deal with and explained every step in the finest detail."
"Would like to leave a huge THANKYOU to Allison Millson, for her professional talent in dealing with my case. An absolute pleasure to work with, every step of the way Allison ensured that I was given the best advice and treatment.

My family & I are very grateful for the outcome and couldn’t have got through it without her help. Thanks again to everyone at the P.I Lawyers!"
"My experience with The Personal Injury Lawyers was amazing. Especially Tim Cooper who right from the outset made me feel comfortable with an uncomfortable situation. His ability to articulate the situation in friendly layman terms ensured the case proceeded smoothly and successfully at all times.

His follow up and attention to detail were nothing short of spectacular and was spot on with every twist and turn that occurred through the process. I only have the highest of regard for Tim and his team and would not only use him again without a second thought but would highly recommend Tim to anyone that needs to navigate the Personal Injury Claim process.

Thank you Tim for all you have done for my family and I - it has been an absolute pleasure to meet and deal with someone of your abilities, empathy, knowledge and professionalism. Genuine 5 Star experience !!!!"
"Alison was the most caring person I have dealt with."
"Thank you... for listening, for believing, for caring, for standing by me..and for everything. I truly appreciate it all."
"Prudence and the team at Personal Injury Lawyers were absolutely brilliant in every way. Walking me through the process, explaining it all in a way that a normal person can understand.

The team went out of their way to be there whenever I needed anything . With my injuries being shoulder related driving was an issue for me , Prudence drove the 150 klms for a face to face so I did not have to endure the pain and stress. Everything was organised and done on the day they stated.

Would recommend them to anyone who needs this help."
"Tim Cooper was the solicitor in my case. I found comfort and confidence with him. He provided a step by step guide with my claim.

There were moments that I cried when the pain was so bad and he simply listened.

I would never want to go through this again but if ever, I would have no hesitation going through The Personal Injury Lawyers."
"I would just like to say a big thank you to Prudence Prescott, she has been amazing, if it wasn’t for her help and guidance I probably wouldn’t of made it through. I really consider her a friend now, thank you again"
"Thanks to Vaughan and the team for being so patient and helpful. It made the process easier.

I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help."
"I would like to let you know that I am very pleased that Tim Cooper took my personal Injury case with a great outcome.

Tim explained the pros and cons of settling my case, this was during a very difficult time in my life and I appreciate his professional guidance! Tim was a pleasure to work with, and he clearly explained step by step of my case.

We settled and I was able to move forward without that constant stress. I highly recommend Tim Cooper to anyone with 5 star rating!!"
"Thank you to Vaughan for your help and advice. Although my claim wasn’t quite the area that this law firm handles, Vaughan was extremely helpful on the telephone and pointed me in the right direction and explained a lot of things to me that will help me a lot. Much appreciated."
"I would just like thank everyone from The Personal Injury Lawyers especially Angela Symons with the help from Prue Prescott who without the help, understanding and emotional support, throughout my claim would have had been impossible to do without."
"I could not have asked for a more friendly and professional team to look after me after such a traumatic experience. Everyone working alongside Tim Cooper looked after me throughout the entire process, making the daunting experience of engaging lawyers very manageable, and ending with a fantastic result. I cannot recommend Tim and his team highly enough. Thank you."
"Gerry and Zoe were a great support throughout this stressful experience.

We sometimes found ourselves in a very dark place through treatment and Gerry’ s responses were always very quick and reassuring!"