Do I need to visit your offices to start a claim?

Will I have to visit your offices just to get my claim underway?

Not at all. We strive to make all the work we do as convenient for you as is humanly possible.

As Brisbane & Gold Coast compensation lawyers we service all areas from our offices in Queensland.

We normally allow you to work on your claim online or by post to save you time, so you need never have to visit our offices – although you are welcome to at any time, and we can visit you if needed.

We will spend time advising you what is involved, what we will do, and we will do all the work we can for you.

You will likely have suffered enough, so why give you all the work to do?

Can I get accident injury compensation?

Digital signatures can often be used, and we do all the paperwork

In many cases, all we will need you to do is give your signature, which you can often just send to us digitally via your phone. Again, we will show you how and make it as easy for you as is possible.

Depending upon your claim, there will likely be a need for you to visit a medico-legal specialist, but again, we’ll do our best to make sure it’s when and how it suits you

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No fake reviews here, we just work hard for great clients who leave honest feedback.


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Compensation claims have time limits

There is often only a small window in which you can make a compensation claim. Even if you contributed to your injury, you may still have a claim well-worth pursuing.

There are no costs or obligations for you in our compensation lawyers helping you assess your compensation claim.

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