Why use personal injury lawyers?

What are personal injury lawyers?

A personal injury lawyer (PI Lawyer) is a person who provides legal representation and advice to people who have been injured in an accident that was not their fault or doing.

The PI Lawyer also helps you to recover more quickly by accessing specific treatment and expertise you need as well as bespoke resources which can speed up your recovery.

We’ve developed an industry leading injury settlement calculator to help you on your way to starting a compensation claim with a PI Lawyer.

You can also use our quick 30 second compensation check to see if you are eligible to make a claim.

Multiple injury compensation calculator in Brisbane, the Gold Coast & QLD

We are here to help you as a personal injury payout guide for everything you need to know and we’ll even help you start the claims process. It is important to us that you receive the best injury compensation that you deserve, as you rest and recuperate from your injury and we do it with a no win no fee guarantee.

What does a personal injury lawyer near me do?

There are really four main things a bodily injury lawyer (sometimes called a bodily injury attorney) will do for you as you pursue personal injury claims in Australia.


1. Investigating the incident or accident

Many people are left overwhelmed after any incident or accident that has caused pain and suffering or severely injured a person The injured person especially is likely to be struggling from multiple injuries and worried about loss of earnings and how they are going to pay the bills or support their family. Many just can’t relive the accident over and over by conducting an investigation themselves into what happened. This is where personal injury lawyers play a valuable role in providing injury claims advice.

PI lawyers can visit the scene of the accident, gather evidence, take pictures, talk to witnesses, and even try to contact local business owners for surveillance footage that may have captured the scene. They may also try to contact local government officials to see what information may be available through their sources as well as police to obtain a copy of the accident report.

These are all critical steps with time limits attached which can help determine ‘what is my personal injury claim worth’ and ensure that you receive the maximum personal injury claim settlement amounts.

2. Investigating the claims

Evidence gathered will be used to establish duty of care and liability of the negligent party as well as the extent of damages suffered by the plaintiff. This may include medical bills and records, employment details and property damage reports including motor vehicles. All evidence is used to build a case for personal injury payment and to determine how much to expect from a personal injury claim.

3. Negotiating with the insurance companies

Negotiation is not a skill set for many people as they navigate their workplace and daily lives. However, lawyers working personal injury law claims have been professionally trained to argue a case and negotiate the best outcomes for personal injury lawsuits. Their extensive experience in this area also assists in determining the maximum level of personal injury compensation amounts you can claim for personal injury Australia.

Our personal injury lawyers at Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast) and in Brisbane, Queensland, and will handle all communication from the insurer and identify ways in which they may try to take advantage of the injured person.

Some insurers are known for offering below average personal injury compensation rates that aren’t on par with standard personal injury amounts claimed. Your trusted personal injury specialists can also offer legal advice on whether an offer is worth your consideration or not and prevent you from doing anything to jeopardise a court order or your claim.

4. Preparing the pleadings

Your lawyer will act as your personal injury guide in cases where the insurance company fails to offer a fair settlement after you’ve suffered an injury. They will prepare court documents to be served on the insurer and set out the defendant’s responsibility for the accident including an injury compensation guide itemising the damages you are seeking.

How much is my personal injury claim worth?

The formula for personal injury settlements is complex and multifaceted but as a personal injury payout guide you need to consider:

  • The extent of your injuries and associated medical costs now and long-term
  • Lost wages to date and any future impact on your ability to earn
  • How long it will take you to recover if ever
  • The level of permanent impairment you will suffer
  • And the level of fault of the other party


For a personal injury compensation guide at to how much you can claim, use our multiple injury compensation calculator and learn quickly what kind of claim you may be entitled to.

If you have suffered serious injury in an accident leaving you with permanent disabilities or requiring long-term care, it is important to secure the help of a personal injury lawyer without delay.

Only experienced lawyers are capable of accurately calculating the level of compensation you are entitled to. Determining how your injuries will affect your capacity to earn an income over your usual working life can be difficult and require expert guidance and assistance to ensure you get the most out of your personal injury claim.

Find out what is the formula for personal injury settlements

To find out how much money you may be eligible to claim, learn more about the personal injury claim settlement amounts that you could expect to receive with our calculator and case studies.

Then contact one of our personal injury lawyers to help you secure the best payout compensation amount, and help you recover from your injury quickly.

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