Ten most common personal injury compensation claim questions

The ten most common personal injury compensation claim questions asked of us

We’ve gathered the ten most commonly asked questions in regards to personal injury compensation claims across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and QLD, on this page.

We’ve kept the top 10 brief here, but there are plenty of links in our full FAQ with lots of really useful information and resources to help you get your questions answered.

Of course at any time you’re welcome to call, visit, email or chat with us with any questions you may have.

It costs nothing to discuss your injury with us, and we’ll be happy to assess your specific compensation claim with no obligation either.

Can I get injury compensation for my accident?

Ten most commonly asked personal injury compensation claim questions answered

1. How much is my claim worth?

This is a tough question without speaking to you first.

Every personal injury claim is unique, and there is always a wide range of potential compensation outcomes for every claim.

The final outcome will depend upon the unique facts of your case, and the competence and determination of your lawyer.

What we can tell you at this point is that as soon as we speak with you, we can form a better view as to what a reasonable estimate of the value of your claim is.

2. Will it be financially worth my while to bring a claim?

Very much tied with question #1. Once we speak with you, we can form a better understanding of your particular circumstances and only then be able to tell you more. 

Our fees are capped by law. So, the maximum professional fees that we can charge you, will never be more than the amount that you would receive in your hand.

Again, if we don’t secure you a compensation payment then you don’t have to pay anything.

3. How much did other people get paid as an example?

We’ve provided a range of past client’s personal injury compensation claims as case studies to give you an idea of how much compensation you might get for your injury.

To find out how much compensation you may get, you’re welcome to ask for a free claim assessment.

4. How long does an injury compensation claim take?

Some claims settle within 12 months while others take longer.

It depends on the nature of the claim, its complexity and its size.

You’re welcome to have your claim assessed for free and we’ll be able to provide a better idea when we speak with you.

5. Will I have to go to court for my injury compensation claim?

No, not unless you instruct us to do so.

To note: 99% of Queensland injury compensation claims are settled without having to go to Court.

6. Will the claim process involve much inconvenience?

No. We will make the whole claim experience as smooth and worry free as it is possible to make it.

You will have to attend some medical appointments, and keep some records about how your injuries are affecting your daily life.

Overall the process is not too disruptive.

7. How do you get paid?

We get paid out of your final compensation amount.

If you don’t get compensation, then you owe us nothing. It’s all part of our no win, no fee guarantee

8. Does my choice of lawyer make a difference?

Very much so.

The quality and skill of the lawyer you appoint to conduct this process will make a huge difference to your outcome, and the amount of compensation you receive.

Lawyers and law firms are definitely not the same.

You’re welcome to give us a call, chat or email and we’ll happily assess your claim at no cost and discuss any questions you may have.

9. What percentage of my compensation will you take?

We do not charge a percentage, we charge only for the work we do for you.

It is illegal in Queensland to charge a percentage, and so we never charge above the legal fee cap.

10. What is the uplift fee?

This is specified under Queensland law as an additional payment.

It’s there for an exceptional outcome or for a claim of particular complexity.

This is allowed for incurring the risk that we may not be paid our full fees due to the fee capping rules.

Still need help? Got another question?

We know all too well that compensation claims can be confusing, so don’t get lost in the sea of complexities. You’re welcome to just give us a call, chat with you, or send an email to us. We’ll be glad to help you.

There is no cost for the call or to speak to our lawyers, and you’re under no obligation. 

If you’d still like to browse more FAQ, just head to our frequently asked questions homepage where each are broken down in to categories or you can search for the answer you need.

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