If I Wasn’t Driving, Who Will Pay For My Accident Compensation?

If My Friend Was Driving The Vehicle, Will They Have To Pay For My Accident Compensation If I Bring A Claim?

It is important to remember that, in respect of all car accident claims, it is the Compulsory Third Party Insurance company or the Nominal Defendant that will be compensating you for your personal injuries, loss and damage arising from the car accident.

Not your friend or family member who may have been driving the vehicle.

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Can I Get Car Injury Compensation?

There Are Special Circumstances Where An At-Fault Driver May Be Liable.

The Nominal Defendant or Insurer may recover the damages paid to a claimant from an at-fault driver, especially where they were unable to effectively control the vehicle due to alcohol and/or drug consumption resulting in the accident.

Or they were driving the vehicle without the authority of the owner or it was their intention to cause injury to the claimant.

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