Can I get a second opinion on workers compensation?

Can I get a second opinion on my workers comp claim?

Seeking medical advice is essential before starting a workers compensation claim. You must give your employer a copy of your medical certificate within 30 days of your workplace accident.

Your medical records may also be needed as evidence. However, you can always seek a second opinion if you are unhappy with your treating doctor.

If your symptoms do not seem to be resolving, and your doctor does not seem to be investigating them sufficiently, do not hesitate to consult a new treating physician.

It is also recommended that you keep a journal of your medical treatment and consult a specialist workplace injury solicitor to strengthen your compensation claim.

Can I get work injury compensation?

You should always be treated by your doctor of choice

Workplace accidents are a difficult situation. Not only do you have to deal with the physical pain of your injuries, you also have the added emotional and financial stress of being unable to work and support your family. Being treated by a doctor that you already know and trust can help ease the burden as you focus on your recovery. Your personal doctor will understand your medical history and how your workplace injury has affected you.

Some employers may try to convince injured workers to see a doctor chosen by the business. You can be required to see a company doctor for assessment as part of the workers compensation scheme as long as you are given notice in writing beforehand. However, you always have the right to refuse any treatment from a company doctor. You should speak with a workplace injury solicitor immediately if you feel this right has been violated.

It is important to note that you can choose your treating physician at any point during a workers compensation claim. You have no legal obligation to keep seeing the same doctor throughout the process. It can help with your workers compensation claim if you have a solid relationship with your treating doctor. However, if you disagree with their medical report or recommendations then you do not need to accept this opinion.

It can give you peace of mind to seek independent medical opinions after you are injured at work and want to make a compensation claim. The Personal Injury Lawyers offer free workers comp advice to help clients better understand their rights around medical care. We can ensure you are getting the best medical advice and legal services for your workers compensation claim with our no win no fee guarantee.

Calculate how much compensation you may get for your work injury or other accident.

You’re welcome at any time to contact us for a personalised free claim assessment which is tailored to your circumstances. Or feel free to use our compensation calculator which will give you an indication how much compensation you may be due.

Know your rights after a work related injury

Workers compensation cases can be complex and your claim may be rejected if you do not follow the correct processes. However, that does not mean you need to accept everything you are told by your employer or treating doctor. It is important to understand your rights every step of the way with professional legal advice from a workplace injury solicitor.

The Personal Injury Lawyers are experienced in dealing with workers compensation claims where the injured worker wants to get a second opinion from a workers comp doctor. Call, chat or email us for expert injury at work advice around your medical treatment. We will work to ensure you have the best case for compensation. Let us navigate the claims process so you can focus on your recovery and get back to feeling like your old self.

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