Can I claim for injury compensation if my car isn’t registered?

Can I make a motor accident claim for injury if I was not licensed or my vehicle was not registered at the time of the accident?

If you were not at fault for the accident occurring, then you are not stopped from bringing a claim for your accident injuries because you were not licensed or your vehicle was not registered at the time of the accident.

You still have a claim against the driver of the vehicle at-fault for the accident occurring.

This applies even if your actions may have contributed to the accident in some way.

Can I get car accident injury compensation?

If my actions contributed to the accident, can I still claim?

If your actions did contribute to the accident occurring, then you are still able to bring a claim against the other drivers at fault the accident, however, your claim may be reduced by a percentage to take into account your contribution to the accident occurring.

It is important to remember when seeking legal representation for your case, that there are many legal firms who do not have the expertise or experience in Queensland motor accident claims to properly undertake your case to ensure you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to.

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How much compensation did other people get awarded for their injuries?

To help you understand more how much other people were awarded for their compensation claims, (who may have similar injuries to you) we pulled together some helpful, real life personal injury payout examples..

These include compensation for injury at work as well as car accident injuries, workplace injury and slips, trips and falls. You may have suffered an injury that means that you can’t return to work. We assess the type of injury that you have suffered and will look at current medical reports, the costs of your future medical treatment, along with important factors such as whether you are left with a total and permanent disability.

How much compensation will I get for my accident?

If you seek compensation, our compensation calculator gives a basic indication how much compensation you may be able to claim. 

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