Can I change lawyers?

Can I change my personal injury lawyer during my compensation claim?

The success of your personal injury claim can be dependent on your choice of legal representation. However, some people who have not selected an expert lawyer in personal injury compensation may feel they are not receiving the best service possible.

For these people, the obvious thoughts become “Can I change my lawyer before closing the case?’. “What will happen to my case if I switch lawyers?” Or, “Will a switch of attorney’s harm my workplace injury or public liability case?”. Let us answer these for you or feel free to contact us or read more FAQ’s.

Can I change my personal injury lawyer?

Yes you can. If you feel your current lawyer is not representing you fairly, or you’ve lost confidence in their ability to get you the compensation you’ll need, then simply get in touch with us.

The process is easy to switch, and we will lay out your options and then you can decide what next steps to take.

Can I get a second opinion from another injury lawyer?

You are free to do so. Often it may be quite wise to do this with personal injury cases, if only to get balanced legal advice and validate your choice, costs and their reputation. Always make sure you check the lawyers’ website and social media profiles to see if they are experts in personal injury matters. Most personal injury lawyers will offer a free consultation. It’s an important opportunity to find out what they can offer you and what others have to say about the firm.

Online Google reviews are critical today as this can truly show you their background, experience, and most importantly the quality of the lawyers in comparison to your previous lawyers. You’ll also see the results that other real people have achieved working with them.

I’ve signed a no win no fee cost agreement, can I still change lawyers?

Yes you can. If you have signed a no win no fee cost agreement then this means in most cases that you don’t pay any legal costs until the very end of your claim. Alternatively, it can be agreed that your fees are deferred until the conclusion of the matter. You’ll need to sign an authorisation that you want to switch law firms, and there may be some other papers for your new lawyer.

You’ll then pay your bill of any costs incurred to date with the current law firm, and then your new lawyer will advise of next steps with them.

What is the process so that I can change my lawyer?

Generally things are quite smooth in the process, once you have signed the paperwork, but again it depends upon your choice of lawyer.

Choosing a personal injury accredited specialist, and a Queensland Law Society accredited specialist firm is a good standard.

The Personal Injury Lawyers are long term and proud members of some of the organisations and groups below. Our reputation in the community is critical to us as well as you when choosing the right lawyer and getting the most for your compensation claim.

How much compensation will I get for my injury?

If you seek compensation, our compensation calculator gives a basic indication how much compensation you may be able to claim. 

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