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Can I get car accident injury compensation?

What is the average motor vehicle accident & work injury compensation claim payments in Queensland?

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Each state is different, but let’s look at Queensland as an example for motor and work injuries. 

What is the average motor accident claim compensation in QLD?

Let’s look at the 7,623 motor accident claims in Queensland that were finalised in the 2017 financial year:


  • The average compensation payment for minor injuries was $65,957
  • The average compensation payment for moderate injuries was $151,771
  • The average compensation payment for serious injuries was $352,396
  • The average compensation payment for severe injuries was $747,188
  • The average compensation payment for critical injuries was $1,952,602


The ‘average’ refers to the mean average, which is worked out by adding all of the payment amounts together, then dividing the amount by the number of settlements.

What is the average work injury claim compensation in QLD?

Let’s look at work injuries in Queensland next:


  • The average claim payment for minor injury (0% work related impairment assessed) in 2013 was between $160,000 to $260,000;

  • The average claim payment for more serious injury (5 to 10% work related impairment assessed) in 2013 was between $213,000 to $468,000;

  • Average overall claim payment in 2014 was around $182,500.


NOTE: these are purely calculated on average claim payments, and every case is different.

For example, in the case of Austin v Parmalat Australia Ltd (2013) QSC 227, Mr Austin sustained a minor head injury however, the impact of the injury upon Mr Austin’s employment and occupation as a truck driver was such that he was awarded damages of $1.052 million dollars for his claim.

* Statistical data supplied by Queensland Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) & QComp (Workers’ Compensation Regulator) for 2014/2015

Will more serious injuries result in greater damages?

Yes. In the case of Mr Lamble, who suffered a moderate head injury as he was standing on the periphery of a brawl at a Gold Coast nightclub, Mr Lamble was awarded damages of $1.4 million (Howl at the Moon Broadbeach v Lamble (2014) QCA 74).

In the catastrophic injury case of Susan Delaney, who sustained extreme head injuries in a motorcycle accident, leaving her in a vegetative state, resulted in a damages payment of over $9,000,000 by the insurer, AAMI (Delaney v AAMI (2013) QSC).

Of course, in cases of very serious injury and catastrophic injury such as brain injury, paraplegia or amputation injury for example, compensation will be much higher than the average claim payments discussed above, most likely resulting in compensation payments involving multi-millions of dollars.

What lifetime care and support is there under the national injury insurance scheme?

If you suffer catastrophic injury in a car accidentwork related incident, through a medical mishap or some other accident, then under the National Injury Insurance Scheme, you may be entitled to lifetime care and support.

The type of support provided under the scheme is in relation to health care (medical, rehabilitation & dental), medical aids, pharmaceuticals, home and vehicle modifications, and domestic and attendant care.

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