The Personal Injury Lawyers Difference

Why we are different to other law firms

Just some of the key aspects that show why The Personal Injury Lawyers differs from other Law firms.

Worth trusting, with many years of rich experience and over 195 real reviews Many may quote years of experience but can rarely back it up and often have fake, staff reviews.
We ONLY do Personal Injury Law, master of one. Jack of all trades, master of none.
Personal Injury Accredited Specialists. Often have not achieved accreditation.
Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists. Often have not achieved accreditation.
Member of the Australian Lawyers Alliance. Have they bothered to register?
Member of the Gold Coast District Law Associations. May not be part of the association.
Numerous Outstanding Achievement & Pursuit of Excellence Awards. May not have any award recognition.
Very high staff retention provides you with deeply experienced and knowledgeable Lawyers & staff. Can often have a revolving door of experience poor staff.
Office in Brisbane city centre. May work from home, shell office or remote location.
Office in Surfers Paradise city centre. May work from home, shell office or remote location.
Most claims can be done remotely/online with often no need to ever visit our offices. May not have the sophisticated processes and or teams to offer this meaning you have to travel.
Free claim assessment, it costs nothing to assess your claim. There may be charges upfront or hidden and added on thereafter.
No Win, No Fee guaranteed. Often not able to offer this or may not be guaranteed.
Clear, quick, transparent processes, honed over decades. Likely will spend some time as unsophisticated or no processes, meaning higher fees for you.
We never settle your claim for less than its worth. Ever. Many don’t have the decades of courtroom experience we do, and may cave early giving you less compensation.
We don’t take shortcuts, we do the hard work, because our experience taught us, we do the work, you get the rewards. May well just do the absolute least they can as not much experience.
Our professional fees will never exceed the amount you receive and you’re backed by the 50/50 rule. May very well not be clear about their fees, leaving you with a big bill.
We don’t cold call for business, act illegally or undertake claim farming May gain clients by illegal practices, putting you and your claim at risk.
Live chat with fully qualified, deeply experienced Lawyers on your mobile and desktop computer near around the clock. You work to their time clock and not when it suits you.
Handpicked on a 50 point inspection as a top 3 Lawyers on the Gold Coast Do they pass a 10 point inspection?
We can come to you if needed, just ask, your the client and we’re here to help you. You’ll have to visit them, pay parking and be out time and money.
No upfront fees, none whatsoever.We don’t win, you don’t pay. You may well have to pay and be out of pocket.
Decades of staff experience with people who rarely leave and love what they do as well as caring about the outcomes for you. May well have a lot of unhappy staff who may leave during your claim, leaving you as just another number and handed off to someone with no experience.
Available to work around you anytime with facilities like after hours calls video and live chat when you need it. You’ll work around them and their schedule.
No litigation loans required to be taken out by clients to pay for medical reports and files etc - e.g. we pay for disbursements. Many Lawyers make their clients get litigation loans with huge interest rates leaving you vastly out of pocket.
We make claims simple and we do all the work we can for you. They will make you do all the hard work, filling in forms and leaving most of it with you to navigate through.
Servicing all of Queensland and the ACT. Many rarely cover all of the state.
Free call 1800 number to us. You pay the cost of the calls.
We use reputable medical specialists for our assessments that are often favoured by the Courts. Some firms continue to use Barrister’s that have gone down in Court.
We use reputable, experienced Barristers and only select Barristers based on their claim. For example we don’t just select standard Barristers each time, we will choose a Barrister that suits the claim and is known for having rich experience in that subject. Some firms just use in house Counsel instead of outsourced Barristers.
Electronic signatures can be accepted on most documents. You’ll have to print out items and or post, often at your cost.
You will be able to talk directly with a fully accredited and qualified Lawyer throughout your entire claim. At some firms you will only ever speak with an assistant who will pass your message onto the Lawyer and then pass on the Lawyer’s message in response.
Insurers know that The Personal Injury Lawyers are not afraid to take them on. Insurers know that some other firms will take a quick and easy settlement simply for the sake of settling.
Each file is assessed to ensure it is assigned to the best lawyer suited for the case. Many just treat you like a number and just allocate your claim depending on workloads.

Compensation claims have time limits

There is often only a small window in which you can make compensation claims. Even if you may have contributed to your injury, you may still have a claim well-worth pursuing.

There are no costs or obligations for you in us helping you assess your compensation claim. Let our trusted Lawyers help you get answers today.