Self-Insurer in a work injury case & where to find them?

WorkCover QLD is the workers’ compensation insurer established by the QLD Government

This is there to provide workers’ compensation benefits (Statutory Benefits) to workers who are injured in the course of their employment in Queensland, and insurance coverage for the employers of such workers.

WorkCover Queensland was originally established under the Workcover Queensland Act 1996, but since the repeal of that legislation in 2003 it now has its foundations pursuant to the provisions of the Workers’ Compensation & Rehabilitation Act 2003.

WorkCover Queensland is a quasi-governmental body set up specifically to provide assistance to injured workers in Queensland and to ensure that employers are able to meet compensation entitlements to their injured workers.

WorkCover Queensland is not the only workers’ compensation insurer in QLD

There are also what are termed “Self-Insurer’s” workers’ compensation schemes in Queensland.

These are usually very large organisations with the capacity to meet the expense of running their own workers’ compensation schemes under the relevant workers’ compensation legislation in Queensland.

Self-insurers handle and meet the costs of claims made by their workers

Self-insurers handle and meet the costs of claims made by their workers for injuries occurring in the course of their work themselves, but WorkCover Queensland is not involved in such claims.

So where a worker who works for a self-insurer is injured in the course of their work, they make their claim for workers’ compensation or for common law damages, against their employer as the self-insurer under the workers’ compensation scheme in Queensland.

All Self-insured employers In Queensland

Below is a list of the workers’ compensation self-insurers in Queensland.

Aged Care Employers Self-insurance Group

  • 07 3251 6256 (RSL Care)

  • 07 3861 1997 (IRM Services Pty Ltd)

  • 07 3360 9111 (TriCare – Aged Care Employers Self-Insurance Group)

Arnott’s Biscuits Limited

  • 07 3243 5602

Arrium Limited (formerly OneSteel)

  • 07 3275 8455

Aurizon Operations Limited (formerly QR National)

  • 07 3019 8084

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

  • 07 3947 5946

BHP Billiton Limited

  • 1800 247 927

Brisbane City Council

  • 07 3403 9530

CSR Limited

  • 07 3212 6433 (Building products claims)

  • 07 4722 1977 (Sugar claims)

Coles Group Limited

  • 07 3347 0900

Council of the City of Gold Coast

  • 07 5581 7304

Glencore Queensland Limited

  • 07 3115 5491

Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited

  • 07 3902 8517

JBS Australia Pty Limited

  • 07 3810 2305

Jupiters Limited

  • 07 3005 1624

Local Government Workcare

  • 07 3000 5530

Myer Holdings Limited

  • 07 3550 4142

Primary Health Care Limited

  • 07 3121 4624

Qantas Airways Limited

  • 07 3238 2001

Queensland Rail Limited

  • 07 3072 0050

Redland City Council

  • 07 3829 8339

Teys Australia Meat Group

  • 07 3382 5178

The University of Queensland

  • 07 3365 6022

Toll Holdings Limited

  • 07 3246 2880

Townsville City Council

  • 07 4773 8406

Westpac Banking Corporation

  • 07 3227 2490

Wilmar Sugar

  • 07 4722 1977

Woolworths Limited

  • 07 3213 4307

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