Brisbane’s car crash hotspots

Car accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere. If you need advice following a motor vehicle or car accident, we can provide a free claim assessment. Get in touch today.

Injured at work? make a worker’s injury claim

If you are injured in the course of your work, then you are entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits. The Personal Injury Lawyers In Brisbane and the Gold Coast can help unlock these benefits which include funding medical treatment and rehabilitation costs and paying wages lost due to the workplace injury.

Am I liable for injury on my property?

You may be held liable for injury sustained by a person on your property, so it is well worth taking out insurance. Click the link to read more on how to cover yourself. Need help? You’re welcome to contact us with any questions.

What’s a common law claim for work injury in QLD?

When we talk about a Common Law Claim for damages, we are talking about what is commonly known as a lawsuit.

We go in to detail and lay out if, how, and who can help you run a Common Law Claim against your employer to recover damages for your work injuries. Just click the link below to read the full FAQ.

Is a worker’s compensation claim at an employer’s expense?

A lot of workers are concerned that when they make a claim for workers’ compensation or Common Law Damages for a work injury, their employer will have to pay for their claim.

This is actually not the case, but we explain fully why, what self inurers are, and more in the link below…

What is the 50/50 Rule?

The 50/50 Rule sets a cap on fees you may be charged for your compensation claim.
We explain in more detail how the rule applies, give examples of how the rule works and more, in the link below…

Returning to work after an injury

Having a work-related injury can have a big impact on your life.  In these circumstances, getting back to work is important to your overall health and well-being. The sooner you start planning to return to work, the earlier you can do so. Both you and your employer play an important part in this process. Here are some of the things you should know about returning to work after an accident or injury…

Self-Insurer in a work injury case & where to find them?

WorkCover Queensland is the workers’ compensation insurer established by the Queensland Government to provide workers’ compensation benefits (Statutory Benefits) to workers who are injured in the course of their employment in Queensland, and insurance coverage for the employers of such workers…