Slip & Fall Accident Claim Reduced For Failing To Take Care

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The Plaintiff, Ms Windley, had been bowling for 40 years when she attended a “glow in the dark” bowling night at Gladstone Ten Pin Bowling. She had attended such events previously but not at this establishment. As Ms Windley was about to throw the ball down the lane, she stepped forward and her foot went past the foul line in the dark, onto the oiled surface of the alley, and she slipped and fell, fracturing her femur…

Brisbane’s Car Crash Hotspots

The Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane & Gold Coast Brand Shards

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Am I liable for injury on my property?

You may be held liable for injury sustained by a person on your property, so it is well worth taking out insurance. Click the link to read more on how to cover yourself. Need help? You’re welcome to contact us with any questions.

Extraction Of Important Provisions – Civil Liability 2014 QLD

You may be interested in the legislation that applies to many claims, including motor vehicle and public liability claims, for personal injury in Queensland. We have included excerpts from the Civil Liability Regulation 2014 as well as Psychiatric Injury Rating Scores…