Claiming an injury compensation case has been settled

An interesting personal injury case came before the Supreme Court in New South Wales where a Defendant in a proceeding claimed that a case had been settled on the eve of a trial following Friday afternoon discussions between solicitors, but the Plaintiff held that no settlement had been reached…

10 reasons why personal injury mediations can fail

There are times when mediations for personal injury claims don’t work and settlement is not achieved. Here are 10 reasons why a mediation may fail and what you and your compensation lawyer can do to avoid it…

Injury claim by meat worker fails due to unreliable evidence

In the case of Tyrone Lewis v  Green Mountain Food Processing Pty Ltd, the Plaintiff, Mr Lewis, claimed he sustained a seriously debilitating back injury in the course of his work as a meat worker with the Defendant, who operated a meat processing factory. 

Video surveillance destroys claim

A claimant for compensation “grossly exaggerated” injuries as video surveillance showed. Talk to our Lawyers FREE and assess your claim today.