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5 things you didn’t know about compensation payouts

As lawyers and personal injury compensation experts in business for over three decades, we know all to well, how to always fight for what is right for you, and to claim the most your are due. However, it’s clear many don’t understand how compensation after an injury works. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about compensation payments…

3 things you may be surprised you can claim for

At The Personal Injury Lawyers, we are often met with surprise and gratitude when we advise an accident victim they may have a claim for what they thought was an unwinnable case. We’ve outlined some circumstances you may not realise you may be able to claim for…

Whiplash car accident victim awarded $355k

Are you considering seeking whiplash compensation as a result of a car accident? Familiarise yourself with this whiplash injury compensation case study to gain a better understanding of your situation.

Am I liable for injury on my property?

You may be held liable for injury sustained by a person on your property, so it is well worth taking out insurance. Click the link to read more on how to cover yourself. Need help? You’re welcome to contact us with any questions.

What will your compensation lawyers do with your case?

A lot of people believe that hiring a lawyer will mean that their case will proceed to a court trial. But this is actually unlikely to be the case. Though there are no guarantees, most cases are settled out of court which saves you the stress and high cost of a trial. Remember, settling matters rather than going down the path of a trial saves the insurer the high cost of trial as well, so really, settling claims is usually the preferred option for all concerned…

What is the 50/50 Rule?

The 50/50 Rule sets a cap on fees you may be charged for your compensation claim.
We explain in more detail how the rule applies, give examples of how the rule works and more, in the link below…

Defenses commonly used against your personal injury claim

If the accident that caused your injury is caused by someone else, it is fair that that person or business be legally responsible for the losses you incurred because of the injury. However, the law also allows at-fault individuals to avoid liability – partly or entirely – when certain defences are available to them…