Brisbane’s car crash hotspots

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Road rules you may not be aware of

There are some quite odd Road Rules in place that you may never have dreamed existed and really have no relevance to a present day highway, but there are also some unusual Road Rules that do apply to all road users today which you may very well not be aware of.  In this article we set out some of these more unusual Road Rules for you…

Whiplash car accident victim awarded $355k

Are you considering seeking whiplash compensation as a result of a car accident? Familiarise yourself with this whiplash injury compensation case study to gain a better understanding of your situation.

Scam alert for Queensland motorists on their accident claims

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission is the regulatory body in Queensland for motor accident claims.  The purpose of the Commission is to oversee the Compulsory Third Party motor accident scheme in Queensland as established by the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994...