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What Will Your Compensation Lawyers Do With Your Case?

A lot of people believe that hiring a lawyer will mean that their case will proceed to a court trial. But this is actually unlikely to be the case. Though there are no guarantees, most cases are settled out of court which saves you the stress and high cost of a trial. Remember, settling matters rather than going down the path of a trial saves the insurer the high cost of trial as well, so really, settling claims is usually the preferred option for all concerned…

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How A Lawyer Can Help In A Motor Vehicle Accident Case

A lot of work, knowledge and experience is required when negotiating an insurance settlement and running a motor vehicle accident lawsuit. After you have been in a car accident, taking the time to do the time-consuming work involved in such a case and working your way through the legislation and procedures that applies to bringing such a claim is the last thing you should need to do, given that you’re also trying to deal and cope with your injuries…

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What is a Fraudulent Injury Compensation Claim?

It is very important to include all relevant information in relation to an accident when you are lodging your claim for personal injury compensation. Although you should report all of your injuries and symptoms to the insurer, you should be careful not to overstate or grossly exaggerate your injuries and the restrictions they cause you, in order to avoid the legal consequences of fraud…

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How To Determine Who’s At Fault In Personal Injury Cases

The most important thing in personal injury lawsuits and insurance claim settlements is determining who is at fault. Determining this is crucial because once it is established, the party who is at fault is responsible for paying damages to the injured party, either through settlement negotiation or court order…

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Defenses Commonly Used Against Your Personal Injury Claim

If the accident that caused your injury is caused by someone else, it is fair that that person or business be legally responsible for the losses you incurred because of the injury. However, the law also allows at-fault individuals to avoid liability – partly or entirely – when certain defences are available to them…

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Returning To Work After An Injury

Having a work-related injury can have a big impact on your life.  In these circumstances, getting back to work is important to your overall health and well-being. The sooner you start planning to return to work, the earlier you can do so. Both you and your employer play an important part in this process. Here are some of the things you should know about returning to work after an accident or injury…

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