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Work Injuries Sustained In Assault At Mining Camp

Shane Cumbers was injured when he was assaulted by a co-worker whilst sleeping at the Moranbah mining camp, in the course of his employment at the Moranbah mines. Mr Cumbers brought an application for workers’ compensation for his injuries, which was repeatedly rejected at the insistence of his employer, Civeo. An appeal of his case was brought all the way to the Industrial Court and succeeded…

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Golfer Fails To Include $4 Million Claim For Injury Compensation

A good example why it is so important that you engage The Personal Injury Lawyers  as experts in personal injury claims and not run your own case. Mr Edwards lost the opportunity to claim for what he considers to be significant future lost income in his claim because he did not properly plead his case to the Court…

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Claiming An Injury Compensation Case Has Been Settled

An interesting personal injury case came before the Supreme Court in New South Wales where a Defendant in a proceeding claimed that a case had been settled on the eve of a trial following Friday afternoon discussions between solicitors, but the Plaintiff held that no settlement had been reached…

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Whiplash Injury $1.3 Million Payout

Have you been injured in an accident? Are you considering seeking whiplash compensation? Get a better understanding of your situation by familiarising yourself with this whiplash injury compensation case study.

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Extra Compensation for Injured Workers

If you were injured during the period 15 October 2013 and 30 January 2015, and you did not achieve a 6% Degree of Permanent Impairment (DPI) for your work injury (either for psychiatric injury or physical injuries), but you did receive a DPI of over 0%, then you may very well be entitled to additional lump sum compensation over and above the usual lump sum payment… 

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Surveillance & Facebook Reduced A Worker’s Compensation Payout

Her Honour Justice Atkinson handed down a decision in the Supreme Court at Brisbane in the matter of Melanie Digby v The Compass Institute Inc & State of Queensland [2015] QSC 308.  In this case, the Court found for the Plaintiff, Ms Digby, a Disability Carer, who had sustained injuries to her right arm and shoulder whilst trying to catch a disabled youth from falling when startled by a police car siren and lights operated during a police presentation…

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Compensation To Victims In A No-Fault Injury Insurance Scheme

The Queensland Government introduced a no fault National Injury Insurance Scheme for those catastrophically injured in motor vehicle accidents in Queensland. The idea of the scheme is to provide some assistance to those seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents in Queensland, no matter whether the accident is through their own fault or through no fault of their own…

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