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Tourist hit by bus awarded $2.087 million damages

New Year’s Eve 2011 changed Mina Yamaguchi’s life forever when she was involved in a motor vehicle accident whilst holidaying in Cairns. Mina was crossing a Cairns street on a pedestrian crossing when she was run down by a Cairns bus resulting in serious injuries, including organic brain damage, a broken pelvis, and multiple other injuries…

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Road rules you may not be aware of

There are some quite odd Road Rules in place that you may never have dreamed existed and really have no relevance to a present day highway, but there are also some unusual Road Rules that do apply to all road users today which you may very well not be aware of.  In this article we set out some of these more unusual Road Rules for you…

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First Black Lung compensation claim in decades accepted

Black Lung Disease, also known as Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis, is a disease associated with miners working in poor work conditions back in days of old. Unfortunately, Black Lung Disease is back in the 21st Century mining industry. Disturbingly, evidence has arisen that suggests it never really went away, as was widely believed or promoted…

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Claim for injury sustained at a theme park

A 41 year old Texan in the United States who was visiting a Theme Park, was caught on video sliding off the side of a large waterslide as he rounded a bend in the ride, and falling to the rocky cliffs below, breaking his arm, leg and multiple ribs. He was indeed lucky to be alive. The video went viral and became internationally newsworthy, because the video encapsulated the very thing we all fear most when entering any ride at an amusement park…

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Harassed tricare worker received $436,000 compensation

Robyn Eaton was engaged as an administration assistant for nursing home giant, TriCare. She brought a claim against TriCare for psychiatric injury she sustained as a result of being placed under unreasonable workloads and stress due to lack of proper management in her work duties, and bullying and harassment she experienced on a regular basis at the hands of her supervisor and manager in the course of her work with the TriCare organisation…

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Injured at work? make a worker’s injury claim

If you are injured in the course of your work, then you are entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits. The Personal Injury Lawyers In Brisbane and the Gold Coast can help unlock these benefits which include funding medical treatment and rehabilitation costs and paying wages lost due to the workplace injury.

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