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Queensland Court Considers Golfing Injury Claim

The Supreme Court of Queensland has dismissed an appeal by Dr Errol Pollard, who was injured by a golf ball hit by the Respondent, John Trude, in a game of golf. Dr Pollard alleged that he had been standing dangerously close to the ball’s trajectory and that the Respondent did not fulfil his duty of care to him by yelling out the commonplace ‘fore’ to warn him of the ball’s approach….

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How To Prevent Neck And Shoulder Injuries

Do you suffer from neck and shoulder pain caused by an injury? Chronic or acute pain is never easy to manage, and can have an enormous effect on daily life for those who are afflicted. There is a lot to know about neck and shoulder injuries, as the causes, symptoms, and treatments vary greatly…

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Common Injuries That Go Undetected

If you have ever had to make a claim, or are currently looking into making a claim for personal injury, you will likely be aware of the importance of time. This includes both the timeliness of seeking help for medical problems that arise after an event and also the timeliness of beginning any claims processes…

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