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Your right of review if work injury claim is rejected

If you’re unhappy with a decision on a claim, you can appeal the decision through Q-COMP, the Workers Compensation Regulatory Authority. Q-COMP are independent from WorkCover Queensland and impartially review decisions made by Queensland’s workers’ compensation insurers…

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What to do when receiving a workcover notice of assessment

At the end of your workers’ compensation claim, Workcover may issue you with a Notice of Assessment. This document will set out your work injuries and accord a percentage impairment for each injury. The impairment for the specific injury will have a correlating monetary amount being the statutory compensation amount for the injury…

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When your worker’s comp ends but you can’t return to work

If at the end of your workers’ compensation claim, you are not able to return to your work with the employer, you should contact Centrelink as soon as possible to register for Newstart or Disability Benefits whilst you look for suitable employment, or if you are unable to work due to your work injuries…

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