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Normal Weekly Wages While On Workers’ Compensation

Normal weekly earnings (NWE) are your weekly earnings from continuous or intermittent employment during the 12 months prior to your injury. If you haven’t been employed for 12 months, then the earnings for the period you have been employed will be used to calculate your NWE…

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Gold Coast Woman Awarded $9.5 Million In Damages

Susan Delaney, a woman who suffered serious injuries, including a brain injury, as a result of a high speed motorcycle chase on the Gold Coast, has received $9.5 million in damages from the CTP Insurer in Queensland, AAMI. An interesting chase considering the client was being chased by the police…

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5% Threshold And Work Injury Claims

Workers thought that they could breathe a little easier after the Queensland State Government handed down a decision in mid 2013 that it was going to retain the Queensland workers’ compensation system in relation to workers’ rights to pursue common law damages for work injuries…

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Employer’s Obligations When Working With Ageing Workforce

Workcover Queensland has recognised the workplace health and safety issues arising as a consequence of the increased retirement age in Australia in more recent times. The following article has been issued by WorkCover Queensland advising employers what they should be aware of when engaging the skills of more mature workers…

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Return To Work Programs

During a workers’ compensation claim, the obligation of the workers’ compensation insurer is also to try to get the worker back to work with his injuries, if feasible. This can mean a return to the employment you were doing at the time of your injury or, if that is not possible, to some other suitable employment where feasible…

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