What are my rehabilitation rights after a car accident?

After being involved in a motor vehicle accident, getting back on your feet can be a complex process to say the least. Depending on the type of injuries you’ve sustained, you may need to undergo rehabilitation.
Designed to restore your quality of life, rehabilitation covers a wide range of healthcare services, including physiotherapy, cognitive therapy and pain management.
Healthcare expenses can Add up quickly and we explain how insurance can cover the cost of your rehabilitation…

Injured due to someone else? Take these six steps

If you suffer an injury due to the negligence or wrongful act or omission of another (e.g. a slip and fall in a shopping centre or an accident at a party or injury caused by a defective product), there are SIX IMPORTANT STEPS you need to remember…

Can I represent myself in my car compensation claim?

Well yes you could, but much like doing your own Dentistry, or being your own Surgeon, it’s not really recommended. This recent Brisbane District Court decision we’ll share with you is a stark reminder of the dangers those injured in a motor vehicle accident face when representing themselves in their claim….

Can I claim for a car accident I had going to work?

Yes you can. While the accident didn’t occur at work, you can still claim workers’ compensation if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, whether it’s a car, motorcycle or truck accident.

Essentially, if the accident occurred in the course of your work, or on your way to or from your workplace, then you have a right to claim workers’ compensation in relation to your accident injuries.

Lifetime care & support in QLD

In Queensland, the short answer is yes, there are time limits that apply to making a claim for personal injuries. If you have sustained serious injuries from a car accident, or at work, you still should file your claim as early as possible as time limits can mean you may be too late and can never bring a compensation claim. Time is of the essence! We explain in the link below…

What is whiplash & what treatment is best?

Whiplash is an injury that occurs due to acceleration and deceleration forces experienced at high velocities.
We explain where it happens the most, what types of issues it can cause, and how you can make a compensation claim in the link below…

What Is CTP insurance, & how do i make a CTP claim?

CTP insurance is a reference to ‘Compulsory Third Party insurance’. We explain more about how this insurance is compulsory for all motor vehicles how it plays a part in QLD insurance in the link below…