Common injuries that go undetected

Common Injuries And Illnesses That Often Go Undetected

If you have ever had to make a claim, or are currently looking into making a claim for personal injury, you will likely be aware of the importance of time.

This includes both the timeliness of seeking help for medical problems that arise after an event and also the timeliness of beginning any claims processes.

What happens in the event of an injury or medical condition that does not appear until months, or even years later?

While there are some exceptions to the time limits that apply to these types of cases, it can be extremely difficult to prove that injuries or conditions you have were sustained as a result of that particular incident.

Many injuries will present in some form relatively soon after the event, but here are some common injuries and illnesses that have symptoms that may not present until later in life.

Brain injuries

Many people assume that if an impact to the head doesn’t cause concussion then there was no real damage caused.

Some studies however oppose this belief and research shows that what can appear to be a relatively minor impact to the head can cause ongoing and debilitating issues.

Repetitive head injury syndrome (RHIS)

There have also been instances of repetitive head injury syndrome (RHIS), which has been observed in professional sportspeople like boxers and soccer players.

The research that has been done in the area of RHIS, seems to point at an increase in the likelihood of conditions like depression and memory loss, as well as longer recovery times and a higher chance of suffering a full concussion in the future for people who sustain multiple smaller head injuries.

With so much research still needed, if you suffered an impact to the head and later started to experience symptoms you believed were caused by the initial trauma, it could be extremely difficult to attribute those symptoms to the original injury.

Emotional Trauma

After a difficult event like being in a car accident, or witnessing a shocking incident while in the workplace, you may believe you have dealt with your emotions surrounding it. Often, though, negative emotions like depression and anxiety can be buried, meaning they go undetected.

Much of the time, suppressed emotions will rise to the surface eventually, and can be difficult to work through.

Again, this is something which could be difficult to connect back to the cause, though a mental health professional might be able to offer their expert opinion.


Whiplash is a common injury obtained by motorists who have been involved in a car accident.

While symptoms typically include neck pain, back pain, headaches, dizziness and general pain in the upper body, occasionally the adrenaline of the situation will override the pain and leave you thinking you’re perfectly okay.

If undetected, whiplash can lead to other conditions that result in chronic pain.

If you’ve been in an accident of any kind or severity, it is always wise to get thoroughly checked over by a medical professional – even if you feel fine.


Cancer may seem extreme, but some professions have workers in conditions where they may be exposed to carcinogens.

Some have been given a lot of publicity, like asbestos or tobacco smoke, but others may be overlooked or dismissed based on the likelihood of exposure or amount of people reporting being impacted.

When it comes to personal injuries, it is always wise to get professionals on your side.

From legal advice to medical opinions, having expert assessments can be the difference between suffering alone and getting the compensation you deserve.

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