Psychological injury compensation claims

Psychological injury & emotional distress lawyers QLD Psychological injuries and emotional distress can be a major factor in the recovery of a personal injury claim. It could be that you suffered a psychological injury at work, such as bullying. Or you are suffering emotional distress having witnessed or experienced a violent act or injury. If […]

30 second compensation claim checker

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The Personal Injury Lawyers 30 second compensation claim checker Compensation claims can be complex. We make them as simple as we can for you and get you the compensation you’ll need. There are however a lot of factors involved in assessing how much compensation you may get for your injury. Before you start asking those […]

Boating accident & jet ski compensation lawyers

Boat accident, jet ski & marine injury compensation lawyers Brisbane, the Gold Coast, QLD Had a boating accident, or suffered a boat injury?  Perhaps you’ve been injured on a jet ski, whilst sailing, or on a speedboat and are seeking marine insurance? Any injury caused by an operator or by a passenger on a vessel, […]

Brain injury compensation claims

Brain injury & head injury compensation claim lawyers servicing Brisbane, the Gold Coast & all of QLD The consequences of a brain injury are incredibly devastating. Not only for a person who suffers the injury, but their family and its long term effects it can have on you, and all those around you. If you’ve sustained […]

Compensation for a compression fracture

spine injuries

Compression fracture & spine injury claims in Brisbane, Gold Coast & QLD Compression fractures are a type of fracture that damages vertebrae making up the spine. They can occur due to bone loss or osteoporosis, but often they are the result of injuries or trauma. The long term effects of a spinal compression fracture can […]

No win no fee lawyers Brisbane, Gold Coast & QLD

No win no fee personal injury lawyers covering Brisbane, Gold Coast & Queensland The Personal Injury Lawyers specialise only in Personal Injury law, and our services have a ‘No Win No Fee Guarantee’, but what does that really mean?  Basically it means if we don’t win your compensation claim, then you don’t pay our fees. […]

Ankle injury compensation claims

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Getting help with ankle injury compensation claims in QLD The Personal Injury Lawyers are Brisbane & Gold Coast based legal experts servicing all of Queensland. Most people will experience an ankle injury at some point in their life, but if you had no control over the injury, you may qualify for damages. You may have torn […]

Shoulder injuries compensation

Shoulder injuries compensation in Brisbane, the Gold Coast & QLD We help people injured in numerous types of accidents, lodging claims for personal injury compensation. It’s important that we get the best shoulder injury claim value for all of our clients. We believe that they need the best financial restitution (shoulder compensation) as they need […]

Broken foot compensation claims

Broken foot compensation in Brisbane, the Gold Coast & QLD If you’ve suffered an injury due to the negligent act or omission of another, we’re here to help you make a broken foot compensation claim. Whether your injury resulted from a car accident, injury in a public space, or an accident at your place of […]

Birth injury compensation

Birth injury lawyers servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast & all of QLD Birth injury compensation is one of the most distressing and complex areas of personal injury law. Childbirth is never a completely risk-free event, and many birth injuries are the result of genetic disorders and other unavoidable circumstances. However, some complications can be linked with […]