Compensation payouts for psychological injury

Emotional distress and stress compensation payouts in QLD Psychological injuries and emotional distress can be a major factor in the recovery of a personal injury claim. It could be that you suffered a psychological injury at work, such as bullying, and had to take stress leave. Maybe you are suffering emotional distress having witnessed or […]

30 second compensation claim checker

30 second injury claim checker stopwatch

The Personal Injury Lawyers 30 second compensation claim checker Compensation claims can be complex. We make them as simple as we can for you and get you the compensation you’ll need. There are however a lot of factors involved in assessing how much compensation you may get for your injury. Before you start asking those […]

Boom lift accident claims

Boom lift accident claims in Brisbane & Gold Coast, QLD Avoiding personal injury on a construction site isn’t always guaranteed. Especially while operating a boom lift, you are at risk of falls, electrocution, and other serious injuries. Have you suffered from an aerial lift accident? Were you the victim of company negligence, faulty equipment, or […]

Jet Ski & Boating Accident Lawyers

Boat accident, jet ski & marine Injury compensation lawyers Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and all QLD Had a boating accident, or suffered a boat injury? Perhaps you’ve been injured on a jet ski, whilst sailing, or on a speedboat and are seeking marine insurance? Any injury caused by a boat operator or by a passenger […]

Bulldozer accident injury claim

Bulldozer accident injury compensation lawyers, covering Brisbane, Gold Coast & QLD Workers have rights. Among them is the right to be safe in the workplace. As a construction worker, it is essential that your employer provide the right training and personal protective equipment.  Have you recently suffered a bulldozer accident due to inadequate training? Then […]

Crane accident injury claim

Trusted compensation help for a crane accident, Gold Coast, Brisbane and all QLD Cranes play a vital role in the building industry. A construction site relies on cranes to speed up and ease the load of a job. However, this machine is incredibly dangerous if safety procedures are ignored. A crane injury is often fatal.   […]

Excavator accident claim

Trusted help for an excavator accident claim, Gold Coast, Brisbane and all QLD Using an excavator can be dangerous. That’s why training and personal protective equipment are required to use the machinery. The company you work for must also carry out a sound risk assessment each day to mitigate potential hazards. No day on a […]

Forklift accident claims

Forklift accident claim lawyers, covering Brisbane, Gold Coast & QLD Forklifts are a valuable tool for most job sites. However, they present a number of risks if not used correctly. Have you recently endured a forklift injury through no fault of your own? You should seek medical care as quickly as possible and then start […]

Claiming your scar settlements

Permanent scar compensation lawyers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and all QLD Your skin is the first thing someone notices about you. This can be a blessing for some and a burden for others who have been injured and are left with ugly, permanent scarring.  Permanent scarring can severely impact how you interact with the […]

Scissor lift accident claims

Scissor lift accident claim lawyers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, QLD Aerial work platforms are used frequently for construction tasks. Unfortunately, they pose serious safety hazards when they aren’t properly maintained or used without adequate training.  Have you recently been injured while using a scissor lift at work, through no fault of your own? The Personal […]