Falling On Stairs At Home Isn’t A Journey Claim

In the case of Sharon Olive Johnston v QComp (C/2012/2) QIC 4 June 2012 it involved an appeal by a worker to the Queensland Industrial Court from a decision by Workcover Queensland, QComp and the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to reject her claim for injuries she sustained when she fell on the stairs of her home whilst on her way to her workplace…

53-Year-Old Tyre Fitter Suffered Psychiatric Injuries

A 53 year old tyre fitter suffered orthopaedic and psychiatric injuries, with a reduced life expectancy which was shortened due to unrelated health problems. He had a criminal history and his credibility was unsuccessfully challenged at trial…

Common Construction Site Injuries

Construction injuries in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are sadly very common, making construction one of the most unsafe professions there is. The Personal Injury Lawyers are experts in workplace compensation and can help you get the maximum compensation for your injury.

Santa Claus’s Failed Compensation Claim

In December 2007, a Victorian Shopping center hired an employee, one Mr. Bainbridge to play Santa Claus. At the end of each shift, a security guard would escort Santa back from his ‘North Pole’ grotto, and the naughty (or nice) children and parents, to the shopping center’s office to change…

Injured At Work? Make A Worker’s Injury Claim

If you are injured in the course of your work, then you are entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits. The Personal Injury Lawyers In Brisbane and the Gold Coast can help unlock these benefits which include funding medical treatment and rehabilitation costs and paying wages lost due to the workplace injury.

Injured By Co-Worker’s Negligence When Peeling Orange

Would you consider that peeling an orange in a lunch break could give rise to a foreseeable risk of injury? Well their Honours, Justices Gotterson, Applegarth and Holmes found this to be the case when handing down their decision in the case of Joshua Boon Summs of Qld Pty Ltd [2016] QSC 38.  

Their Honours overturned the decision of the trial judge at first instance who had dismissed the Plaintiff’s claim, to find for the Plaintiff/Appellant and award him increased damages of around $215,000…

The Importance Of Reporting Workplace Injuries

The decision of Sinclair v Sunshine Coast Independent Living Service Inc [2016] QSC 63 reinforces how important it is for an injured worker to make a formal report of their work injury to the employer and to their doctor, as soon as possible after their work accident occurs.The Plaintiff claims a back injury at work pulling a wheelchair bound resident over a step and door lip…

Working From Home Is Not A Workplace

Jane Farnham worked from home but that has different legal ramifications. Questions? Get a FREE LIVE CHAT with our lawyers and answer your questions.