Is tripping while running down a sand dune an ‘obvious risk’?

Is the risk of tripping whilst running down a sand dune an obvious one? You’d may assume so right? As part of our ongoing key facts articles, we analyse cases and bring you a breakdown of just what happens and the sometimes surprising facts. In this case of Kelly v State of Queensland…

Disclosure of insurer’s identity in public liability claims

The Personal Injury Lawyers achieved yet another “win” in the Supreme Court at Brisbane recently with the Court handing down the decision that the Solicitor for an insurer of a Respondent party disclose the identity of its client, who was not a party to the proceedings…

Queensland court considers golfing injury claim

The Supreme Court of Queensland has dismissed an appeal by Dr Errol Pollard, who was injured by a golf ball hit by the Respondent, John Trude, in a game of golf. Dr Pollard alleged that he had been standing dangerously close to the ball’s trajectory and that the Respondent did not fulfil his duty of care to him by yelling out the commonplace ‘fore’ to warn him of the ball’s approach….